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Full Version: Owners need not apply
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Jaded Prole
Damned Right!

I'll be out in the streets during the day and drinking Commune de Paris tonight.

Workers of All Countries Unite!
The 1% is kicking our ass and we have to choice but to fight.

[/b]Unnatural Causes[b]
After the PBS documentary lays out the linkage of health
to wealth and to degree of self determination.

My cortisol levels
are as high as my
checking account
is low.

My father died of diabetes and
heart disease.

My mother died of cancer.

My teeth hurt, I itch and
my blood pressure bangs out
the realities of poverty

I refuse to accept it --
I inhale fear and insecurity
I exhale
assertiveness, my
bad attitude demanding
of what empowers
an odd job here
some organizing there
every meal a
every new
raised fist another
milestone on the road
to health
for all of us.

So to hell with the bosses, the landlords,
the terror of bill collectors and the deadly
stress of needless competition!

Here's to our Unity
and a full glass of resistance!
I have to work today.
Jaded Prole
I dunno, you look a little sick.

Hooray Hooray the first of May
Outdoor (*) begins today

I'm also workin' today.

I gotta admit though, I like it too much to really call it work.

Time for another Q.C. test…
Jack Batemaster
C'est bon d'être l'un pour cent …
Demandez à Absomph, le Ricard !
Looks like they've been having a bit of fun in Seattle today.

Just not enough fun.
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