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Full Version: Göbekli Tepe
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Looking around on Youtube for help with some Thin Lizzy chords, I ran across this:
It must have been the Irish, who built the pyramids,
For no one else could carry up the bricks.

which led me to this:
which stunned me, but the lunatic fringe nuances bothered me, so I checked this out:

Oops. I meant POLISHED floors.
Beautiful monoliths.Probably not as old but the stone work is baffling, interior right angles are never seen in hand carved stone
Cool stuff. Göbekli Tepe sounds almost like a hoax. On the other hand, the bigger mystery is why it remains almost completely unknown.
Jaded Prole
Lots of ancient places remain unknown. Göbekli Tepe was mostly buried in an out of the way place but human civilizations go back a longer way than thought. There, the Indus valley and Eastern Europe seem to be among the most ancient along with a few spots in China.
Best to see them before someone decides a site's existence offends them.…nes_into_stones
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