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Full Version: absinthe substitutes
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Maybe it was the wikipedia article that mentioned that they started to produce pastis about 17 years after the absinthe ban. So it wasn't an immediate substitute. How about herbsaint? I read that they were cautious of anise based strong alcohol drinks in general in France after the ban.
Père Ubu
Where is the Imp's keeper when you need him.
Jung & Wulff made their first absinthe substitute in New Orleans in 1913, it would appear under a handful of names until they ceased business in NOLA at the start of W.W. II.

Legendre Herbsaint wasn't a Pastis, neither was Jung & Wulff's brands, or Yochim Bros. these three from New Olreans were at one time hoping to get a designation from the feds as "New Olreans Absinthe", as a substitute for absinthe, but given their small market share, and the government being unwilling at that time to allow the word "Absinthe" on a liquor label, they were not able to receive that designation.

There were a few other brands in the USA to try their hand at the same thing, only Herbsaint survived to date.
I saved a copy of that one back in the day it was posted. abs-cheers.gif

Du Bouchett's Alstina made by Many-Blanc, a brand held by Schenley which had purchased L.E. Jung & Wulff. (Perhaps the origin of Alstina)

There was Mohawk's Abson, Wexmar's Wexasinthe…look that one up on Cocktail DB, Lyon's Jadine, another called Abisinthe, and so on…plus the two Maltese Falcons, Milky-Way and Greenopal. (From Jung & Wulff in NOLA)

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Several sources say that after the ban, some companies changed to producing pastis, though it seems that they first had other substitutes and only after years started to make pastis.
I believe pastis was created in 1932. Pasties however, have been around longer.
Père Ubu
Mugwort flavored arak might do in a pinch. Now that I remembered of it, I need to find such a thinga ma bob.
There are a couple of recent vintage finds I'll add to the list soon. (I like saving surprises)

Some of them are six degrees of Kevin Bacon, to one another…
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