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Full Version: Bottle mellowing opened vs. upopened
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I know that opened (1/3 empty) bottles age/oxidize. Fully sealed bottled will change slowly I assume. Has anyone collected any real data? I know taste buds are not trustworthy when linked up to the old memory bank (in my case anyway).
Lets say you got two bottles of Meadow of Love - will it be the same 5 years later if unopened?
Or another way to ask - When getting boutique absinthes that may have been sold quickly after bottling - is there a good time frame one should wait before opening it?
Basically, I bought Meadow of love, I see lots of discussion of it changing (for the better) over time - is that "positive" oxidation or mellowing of the hooch?
Oxidation would be infinite and mellowing would stop?
Or is this just science nomenclature versus hippy jargon?
While I can't weigh in on the scientific reasons, I'll confirm that any absinthe I've ever owned got better and better with the best being the last glass from the bottles. Funny, I was talking with a member of the forums about that only yesterday over a very pleasant phone conversation.

I do know oxygen is not as evil to absinthe as it appears to be with wine.
Jaded Prole
Most do seem to get better though it depends, in my limited experience, on the stability of the Wormwood used. Some varieties seem more sensitive to oxidation and develop a kind of iodine taste as they break down.

As for BC or MoL, I think that is another issue related to the distilling and the capture of volatile elements that evaporate early on but that is just a guess on my part.
Père Ubu
My unscientific method is to open, pour a few doses in a topette, cork & shake bottle, and hide bottle in a cool dark place.
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