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Jack Batemaster
…Marque déposée
Bruno Rygseck
Thanks for posting this! Interesting quote:

“… Absinthe so made soon had considerable success, which had the usual effect of bringing out the injurious trash made from oils, essences, etc.“ –The Mixicologist, C. F. Lawler, 1895, USA.

What other products of inferior quality were made at that time, imitating what? Gin?
Maybe I misunderstand the question, but I think what he meant was that the success of (good) absinthe gave rise to much crappy absinthe. A hundred years later, they've skipped right to the crap for the most part.

Ted did a good job on that piece.
I think the point Bruno is teasing out from this century old quote nested within Ted's report is that even then it was common for a quality product to be imitated by nasty knock-offs. If this barman's quote is taken quite literally it would seem the liquor industry of the day had followed this path already with deleterious effect. Can evidence support such a close reading?
Bruno Rygseck
Ted's article is very good indeed.

Sorry for being unclear. Falsifications and imitation products seemed to be common in France and elsewhere in the 19th century -- I was thinking of other alcohol drinks. This dictionary of falsificatons is from the 1850s, for example:

Dictionnaire Des Alterations Et Falsifications
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