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Full Version: Mansinthe is too strong…
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Mansinthe is too strong.

butt you should drink it.
onacuz it is too strong for Marylin Manson.

That's what he said…;v=KkmZVgs0JMk#!

at 2:36
Youtube videos with him in them are too strong for me.
It sounds like he never moved away from the Czechsinthe that he and Johnny Depp got into in the '90s, and he's clearly preparing the Mansinthe incorrectly, which is a sad irony.
Irony? It's all too pathetic.
I've seen that YouTube video too, where he says Mansinthe is too strong for him, and I can't really understand why that is? Maybe he's been too strung out on alcohol and other substances too often and now want to go sober or something?

Anyway. I've seen him earlier (a couple of years ago) on a TV show here in Sweden and there he drank what seemed as a pretty well louched absinthe, probably his "own" brand, so I guess he actually knows how to do and all that.

Oups! Most probably not Mansithe in the glass, but at least seems to be well louched and not clear/transparent at all.
That video fried my computer's bullshit detector, not to mention severely straining my own.
QUOTE(SethP @ Sep 18 2012, 06:12 AM) *

Oups! Most probably not Mansithe in the glass,

He has mentioned Serpis in interviews.

and that does look like it could be.
Could it be a marketing thing on MM's part? I.e., "you'll be more hardcore than I am if you drink this stuff!"
I'd be willing to rent Manson a Beechcraft Bonanza™ if he'd promise to ride in it, during bad weather.
That Swedish clip included Serpis... Funny, since Serpis is 65%. I guess that extra 1.6% makes all the difference.

Serpis. Ah, that explains the rougeness of it all.
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