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Full Version: At least they're not trying to make absinthe
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From an article about a distillery opening in DC:

Because they can’t legally produce gin at home, they’ve experimented with recipes by adding botanicals to watered-down Everclear
Père Ubu
Too lazy to buy Voyager or Leopold?
Or too cheap.

And at the reasonable prices charged for the superior examples cited above, one would have to be a real skinflint.
Jack Batemaster
Au moins, pas Ricard…
Having read the entire article, I would venture to say (and hope) that the experimentation using watered-down Everclear was at a very early stage of their project, if they even did that at all. Laws being what they are, they can't very well come out and say they practiced distillation before being licensed to do so. As to whether or not they are capable of making a good product themselves, well, that pudding has yet to show its proof. But points to them for opening a distillery at all, especially the first in Washington D.C. in over a hundred years.
A former lawyer.

That's all. No points added.
Nor subtracted.

(Prolly never even watches The Wealth Chanel™.)
There's some freakin' irony of naming it after a bootlegger while bein' unwilling to cook any experimental prototypes….
Jaded Prole
I'll bet he cooked but is denying it for legal reasons. He is a lawyer after all.
Exactly. And when was the last time you saw a lawyer who could cook?
They're able to turn up the heat but that's about the extent of it.
Jaded Prole
I dunno, they can blow a lot of steam.
"Not getting what they paid for"
What about getting dead?
I've heard that deaths from methanol poisoning have been known to cause temporary prohibition.

I was curious about the technology. From an article in the UK:

The Brand Authenticator is a portable spectrometer (or spectrophotometer) which identifies 10 pre-selected wavelengths ranging from 220 to 360nm from a 1ml sample injected into a 1mm path flow cell.

It calculates, using an algorithm which is based on the sum of the squared scores for the absorbance rate of the 10 wavelengths, an SSZ (statistical measurement) score and relates this to brand files for a number of whiskies held in the authenticator’s databank.

It measures 27cm long x 9cm wide x 10cm deep and weighs 1.75 kg. It is powered by a 20 V rechargeable battery that enables approximately 2 hours continuous use.

The Brand Authenticator is calibrated to authenticate Bell’s, Famous Grouse, Teacher’s, J & B Rare, Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Dewar’s whisky and Jameson Irish whiskey.

A second Brand Authenticator is being developed to authenticate Martell VS, Courvoisier VS, Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam bourbon and Captain Morgan Rum.
Another establishment, which was not identified, also poured dirty water, akin to river water, in a bottle and passed it off as the good stuff, authorities said.

Could be worse. They could have pumped it from a port-o-let.

IPB Image
The article doesn't say whether the patrons could tell the difference.
It does say that some people can tell something from something after years of practice. Doesn't say whether those people dine at TGI Fridays, though.
Note that the sewage sample above is from the Val de Travers. Aren't those the people who want to protect the authenticity of absinthe from the dreaded Czechs?
QUOTE(Artemis @ May 24 2013, 09:39 AM) *
Aren't those the people who want to protect the price of absinthe from the dreaded Czechs?

The check is not in the mail.
Good. It would take a really big one to hold him. Not to mention he is about as authentically cheque as that the Bizarre swill 'sinth.
whether the patrons could tell the difference

It's apparently important to know your clientele.

IPB Image
Bizarre is from same distillery as DuVallon?
Jean-Jacques Charrère…amp;-loadframes
Hmmm. I'm guessing that Bizarre is not an LB. Butt it should have a nice wormwood flavor.

QUOTE(sixela @ Jun 26 2006, 04:19 PM) *
The maker, Jean-Jacques Charrère, says he also likes the presence and the taste of grande absinthe in the Fornoni La Valote and Marco Previtali's Bleue, so it's probably not fair to say that all the Bleues lack a wormwood profile.
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