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Full Version: A family story about an absinthe glass
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I hope this is the right place to share a story.

It is the story of a Danish family’s absinthe glass. The family owned the absinthe glass since 1920, when their great-grandparents got six of them as a wedding gift.

The family doesn’t know whether their great-grandparents and the following generations used them for absinthe.

However, after more than half a century the glasses were passed down to the uncle, who gladly used them, well, for beer schnapps. Because the small reservoir (2 cl) was just perfect for schnapps. He called his absinthe glass “ølhunden”, which means ‘beer dog’ in Danish.

The beer dog looks like this:

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I love beer schnapps.
I like my beer schnapps without the beer. harhar.gif
I like snappy beer cheese.
Because the small reservoir (2 cl) was just perfect for schnapps.

Uh oh. I think I just figured out that what you're intending by "beer schnapps" is a shot of some distillate topped off with beer in the same glass. What Amerikans might refer to as some "Boilermaker" variant. Drinking a small snort out of a big glass didn't make the most sense to me, but okay. I was concentrating on the distillate. I thought you meant he drank beer distillate from the glass. Bierbrand, if you prefer. Which I love.

I haven't had a boilermaker since the time I was still wet behind the ears. Although I do occasionally indulge in a shot with a beer chaser. Maybe I'll try a red beer in a reservoir glass next time.

By the way, nice glass. I bet it works well for absinthe too. Your great-grandparents were known absinthe drinkers?
You're absolutely right. Sorry for the confusion, I didn't know the term "boilermaker". For clarification, it was the seller of the absinthe glass who told us the story about the glass being called "the beer dog".

It is indeed a beautiful glass. But it is not the only one that was used in Denmark. Xcj and I wrote a piece about the Danish absinthe glasses, including a Danish Ouraline Pontarlier.

Danish absinthe glasses
Very nice photographs, thanks Absinthion!
QUOTE(Tibro @ Aug 31 2012, 10:51 PM) *
I thought you meant he drank beer distillate from the glass.

That's what I thought. I don't know why it's not more popular. Practically unheard of in this country.
Bruno Rygseck
Marvellous, thanks for sharing. I'd take even those 1980's Pernod glasses!

The Pernod glasses are fun and quirky! I think I can find you some if you are interested. Shoot me a PM.
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