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Full Version: Greetings from Germany
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Greetings Feeverte!

My Absinthe story starts in winter, when my beloved poetess asked me to buy a mystical drink for a New Year celebration. Then I was living in former land of Soviet Union and I knew about Absinthe only that it is very strong bluish or greenish alcohol beverage, which is put on fire. I always enjoy to know as much as possible about a product which I plan to buy, so I started my investigation =).

First of all I started to search info on Russian sites. The only thing I have found was that Absinthe should be strong (about 70°) and contain thuyone and on biggest Russian forum the best Absinthes were such as Hills, King of spirits, Xenta. After that information I started to examine which Absinthes are available in my country and have found: Pere Kermann absinthe, Absinth Hills, Fruko Schulz, Absente and Xenta absenta. So comparing the prices and thuyone levels I decided to buy Fruko Schulz 70. We didn't know that the real absinthe tastes like, so we enjoyed this drink somehow and were nicely wondering that it contains our favorite liquorice taste.

Then I discovered the Feeverte forum, which I find incredibly helpful and useful. Since then I have found a lot of information. I examined history, preparation process, different Absinthes and distillers… but couldn't taste the real Absinthe, because shipping rate to my country was incredibly high. But I discovered Ricard pastis in near supermarket which I enjoyed much better than Schulz and was wondering how could we drink such an unnatural swill.

Now I have moved to Germany and can freely examine the world of Absinthe. Till now I have tasted Lemercier Abisinthe Amer and have ordered Un Emile 45. For me Absinthe is a wonderful masterpiece which satisfies all possible demands. In near future I really want to examine such Absinthes as Duplais, Eichelberger and Jade. I would be very glad to share my reviews and be a part of a Feeverte forum =).
Welcome to the fray!
добро пожаловать (? - Google Translated)
oder Willkommen
or Welcome!

Hope you enjoy your future absinthe adventures. I've not tasted Un Emile 45 myself but I guess that's a pretty decent absinthe. With anyone from the Duplais series, Eichelberger or something from the Jade series you can't go wrong though.
Père Ubu
Welcome! and the lunatics that run it, will help empty your wallet, and make you happy.
Welcome! absintheglass-glow2.gif
Bruno Rygseck
Welcome, great introduction!
Ja wohl!
Thank you all very much! Yes.. my native language is Russian. Спасибо! Danke sehr! =)
Welcome abs-cheers.gif
QUOTE(darkend_163 @ Sep 19 2012, 03:20 AM) *

[…] Спасибо! […]

Wow! biggrin.gif I could actually read that. (Spasiba! Or maybe Spasibo?)
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