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Full Version: Sherlock Holmes and absinthe
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I was reading about Sherlock Holmes and found this:

"In 2002 made-for-television movie Sherlock: Case of Evil, James D'Arcy starred as Holmes in his 20s. The story noticeably departs from the style and backstory of the canon and D'Arcy's portrayal of Holmes is slightly different from prior incarnations of the character, psychologically disturbed, an absinthe addicted, a heavy drinker and a ladies' man."

I see Holmes much closer to cocaine than to absinthe, has anybody seen this movie?
Whoever wrote the comment that I quoted on the previous post did a "Lanfray" on the poor Fairy.

Absinthe appears on one scene: SH drinks an entire bottle of gin, then an entire bottle of red wine and, running out of supplies of ethyl alcohol at home, goes to a bar where he downs shots of straight absinthe until he stumbles onto the floor and is thrown out. It's elementary that he's an "absinthe addict".

I can't believe I put up with that long, boring piece of shit to find this miniscule piece of absinthe trivia…

Why? Haven't you put up with worse for less? Hasn't everyone here?
Yep. Right you are, Provenance. 5 yard penalty for illegal whining.
It should have been 15 for unsportsman like conduct.
…with a loss of the down for intentional grounding.
Hey!!! Piling up…
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