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Hi folks.

My first absinthe experience was when I was about 18. Nothing special about it, (don't even know what I drank at the time), but I felt different than your-usual-alcohol-experience. Day after I drank, I made some powerful decisions. Didn't really thought about it then really. The pretty much same pattern happened 2 years after (drink it, day after made big decisions)

Jump into future a bit -

In 2012, I finally got my dream come true, and that one is - to live from writing. Maybe it doesn't sound so 'dream-like-stuff', but in Croatia, it really is. It's hard to live from writing itself.

Well, you know how they say - be careful what you wish for… because I ended up writing for TV series I didn't like very much.

Anyway, I was pretty desperate for the last couple of months because it's hard to write something you don't believe into. If you ever tried it, you know it. It's living hell.

Then, one day my friends came from Prague and brought a bottle of absinthe. I don't know if it's placebo or what, but somehow it made me go 'right way'. I quit my good payed job and did nothing for last 2-3 months. I don't regret it, because, as one thing leads to another, this led me to moving out of my country soon. I jumped into unknown and am still falling. Positive stuff, to keep it short.

I doubt it is just because that bottle of absinthe, but I love to think that it kinda helped me… helped me to make that hard decision of giving up good job, salary, 'career' etc. even though it's time of crisis, everyone in my country are pretty much depressed and so on, you probably know the drill.

I googled about that specific Absinth and it led me to this forum. Someone wrote, I qoute, that it 'tastes like a whore's piss'.

Since 'whore's piss' helped me (at least I want to believe it did), there's only one way to think. More placebo incoming!

There is a local Croatian Absinthe made here, named ''Zelena čarobnica'' = ''Green fairy''… though in this case, 'fairy' is literally translated here as 'sorceress' (bad translation I guess)

These i drank most, but I can't talk about their quality (or any other by that matter)

That's pretty much my experience with it. I crave for more, and this site is helping a lot. Will write more when I get the taste of something new.

My absinthe 'story' may seem dumb, but I lurked this forum before registration… kinda felt I could/needed to share this here. Hope you understand, and forgive me if I insulted this community in any way - but I do feel connected to absinthe, even though I'm just starting to explore the world of it.
QUOTE(n00b @ Jan 16 2013, 03:44 PM) *
it 'tastes like a whore's piss'.

Depends on the whore and what she's been drinking.
Jack Batemaster
Qui le niquer est-ce «b00b» ?
QUOTE(Jack Batemaster @ Jan 17 2013, 09:29 AM) *


Hey, "froggy"…

Watch it with the "n" word, okay? harhar.gif
Speaking of whore's piss, there's a fresh puddle.
Jack Batemaster
Qui le baiser est-ce «Asstomph» ?
QUOTE(n00b @ Jan 16 2013, 03:44 PM) *

I'm just starting to explore the world of it.

About the only think good you will find in East Europe is from Martin Zufanek. Real absinthe, and very good.

Otherwise, look for absinthe from Swiss or French distillers, as a rule. Just look at the reviews.
Père Ubu
QUOTE(Jack Batemaster @ Jan 18 2013, 09:40 AM) *

Qui le baiser est-ce «Asstomph» ?

Esprits curieux ne donnent pas une merde.
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