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Full Version: Obsello 2, Rum base
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Obsello II
The new rum base.
Anyone here try it yet?

or try any rum base experiments?

Also, did any examples of a historic rum base exist?

Yup. I'm not crazy about the base. The rum throws me off and overwhelms things a bit. That's just me though. A few friends have tried it and liked it, but I prefer the original recipe.
It's the first batch, I'm sure it'll get tweaked.
I liked the original, but just thought it was 'ok', a nice cheap one I could pick up around the corner.
I am in Los Angeles, and the shops near me all have the original, not the new one.

Just tried a bit. Would not louche at 4:1. Lost interest in it.
Jack Batemaster
Assez dit !
De hecho!
Bruno Rygseck
Obsello's website FAQ explains the louche and what should be done to an absinthe that does not louche… Maybe their recipe is correct but something has gone wrong anyway.
Now that good absinthe is available in American and even in the savage hinterlands of the EU, I figure only the most debauched of the depraved are thrill-seeking this xit.
Green Baron
Why would anyone from the Lounge be seeking it?
Being amused by something is not the same as seeking it.
There's a forum with a membership that's mostly the mostest.

It's not The Lounge™.
Frankly, their website is misleading on many levels. It is their old site, for the first Obsello.
The new one is being made in the USA, with a rum base… the site still mentions being made in Spain, with a grape base.

There is no excuse for a company's site to be wrong like this. Putting up a website to match your product is part of doing business correctly. If there IS a new correct site, I couldn't find it, and for reasons of integrity, this old site should be replaced since this old recipe is no longer being produced.

For the record, my bottle of Obsello 2 wouldn't louche either.
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