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Full Version: Blending Kits
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Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since I’ve sent my last post, and I admit I was not a regular until then either.. But I was busy discovering the world of absinthe all this time, and I tell you what a wonderful world that is! I have tasted quite a number of brands in the last couple of years including vintage ones, bought the ones I liked, and all with the guidance I got from you people. And I am slowly starting to develop my own personal taste.
Thanks once again to you; this community, for stripping off the nonsense myth around absinthe and showing the real beauty about it to the people who care to dig in a little deeper. Cheers! abs-cheers.gif

As a small contribution to the forum from my side, please see some photowork from my home.. : My small collection here
And a teaser…
IPB Image

Anyway.. After this small re-introduction let me get to the question of this post:
I have seen these “blending kits” from LDF…
Hey, I have no intention of blending my own absinthe! But now that I’m familiar with some different kinds, I thought I might educate myself on differentiating all those delicate aromas involved in one. I suppose this set will serve good for the purpose. However as far as I know LDF ships from the UK only. It would be much more convenient for me if I could order it within EU as I am in Austria currently. Do you know if I can find this set within EU?

QUOTE(burcak @ Mar 11 2013, 04:57 PM) *

, please see some photowork from my home.

Nice pics!

As for the blending kits, you could email LDF and ask if other options are available. I doubt it.

The kits are made by Paul Devolle, and you can a similar kit from the PD website I think. Take a look at this one, bottom of page "absinthe-creations"
QUOTE(L'Assommoir @ Mar 12 2013, 09:36 PM) *

The kits are made by Paul Devoille, and you can a similar kit from the PD website I think. Take a look at this one, bottom of page "absinthe-creations"

Thanks for the reply. Good suggestion!
I've asked Devoille about them, and they directed me to However the reviews on their site are not so well. It is said that the scents of the herbs are "too faint" to actually tell anything. Anyone here that knows the product can comment on that? Is it worth to buy?
Actually, they are pretty good quality. I picked one up one of the 20 cl bottle kits for a tasting I was having, as friends wanted to taste the distillates individually to help them learn to discern the various elements. For this, it's a great idea. Also, you can noodle around with blending. You will wind up with a ridiculous amount of extras, like hyssop, corriander, etc…for example, if you get the 20cl bottles. The anise, wormwood and fennel go quickly, for obvious reasons, and the other herbals are added in tiny proportions. You CAN keep these around to add to other mediocre absinthes, or other drinks, if you want to experiment and spice things up a bit. It might make some stuff taste a little better. Or worse.
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