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Nothing to say; I just needed a place to post this.
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It's the work of Wild Bill Turkey. It was mentioned elsewhere and I can't put up graphics there. I don't remember anything about the absinthe, but the label is the best I've ever seen.
Wild Bill has wild skilz.

I've seen a graphic of pharies vomiting paisley, but the details here are sublime. The guitar strap has just the right note of hyperbole. Butt whoever came up with "methode Pontarlier" must have the proper respect for proper IOC's that I'd expect from a proper HGer.
I remember nothing about the absinthe. But Bill popped up at another forum over two years after I had praised that label (without showing it at the time), and was humble about it, so I had to show it. The concept is brilliant and the execution amazes me.
I like the label. How were the contents?
Must be a lefty commode.

Very nicely done artwork. Kudos to WBT and thanks for sharing it, Artemis.
I remember nothing about the absinthe, not who made it, how it tasted, nothing. From time to time I envision a gallery of HG labels. I've seen quite a few and photographed many, none quite as nice as that one, but a lot of nice ones.
I may still have a few classic labels including one that looks kinda like a Jade label but states that it was made with a really neat chemistry set. I suppose I should take pics and all.
I've got one or two also, we should put our heads together.
I don't think you'd look that good.
True dat. Neither does Kirk.
Jack Batemaster
Elle a goûté comme les pommes de cheveux brûlés.
R3al Caravano
The biz. Really?
Yep. It was Wild Bill Turkey. He did another cool label for a blanche HG I was making called "Dead Soldier" that had a cool looking image of a civil war skeleton leaning up against a wagon with grass growing through the bones.

Forgot about that one, but I've seen it. Sort of a Grateful Dead style image; never a bad thing.
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