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Full Version: Hello from the Seattle Metro
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I'm from the Seattle Metro, and my first introduction to absinthe was Pacifique Absinthe. I have two dogs in a somewhat rural area, and you can catch things from dogs in that environment. I got the idea to drink absinthe periodically to keep the intestinal parasites at bay, just in case (wormwood). What I discovered is that absinthe is a delightful, refreshing cocktail, so I observe L'Heure Verte regularly now.

À votre santé! absintheglass-glow2.gif

I sure wish my first Absinthe had been Pacifique!

A few parasites never hurt anyone!
So, your dog now drinks Pacifique to protect both of you from parasites. Interesting approach.

It's hard to tell if you're serious or just wanted a humorous introduction, but just in case:
There are prescription drugs to rid dogs of parasites. All you have to do is convince a vet that the dogs have them, which does involve some stinky business at home, and/or taking the dogs to him. Probably less expensive than absinthe in the long run and certainly more effective. Frankly, the thought of someone getting a buzz while his dogs are left to suffer kind of pisses me off. What would you do if they had mange; rub ointment on yourself?
Wash the dog's genitals before having sex if you're unsure where your bitch has been.
What G&C said.

And welcome!
My parasites like Pacifique as well. They get drunk for me. I just like the taste.

Jack Batemaster
Parlant français : bon.
Jaded Prole
Parasites or not, you are fortunate to have a decent brand available in your area.

As for me and mine, (animals included) we eat Dirt to get rid of parasites.
It's a whole lot cheaper than absinthe. Alhough not quite as tasty.
Never thought of that (never had worms, either, though). It's good stuff for cutting up aphids on flowers, for sure.
I actually found out about it while looking online for a natural flea remedy for my hound. Then I started reading all the comments from people who have been using it and thought, I could use some of that. Started the hounds and the rest of us on a regimen. Three days after, he passed a huge pile of worms. The humans of the family haven't. But we have noticed quite a few of the benefits ourselves. High BP, Diabetes, Heart Disease, all run in the family. So if I can keep the Sawbones and the Gravedigger away for a while longer, I'm all for it. But you do have to get the Food Grade kind from fresh water diatoms. And it is as "cheap as dirt."
We use spinosad on the dogs. First collected from the zombie dirt of a Caribbean distillery; go figure. It immediately and positively kills every flea on a dog. Some people say it makes their dogs sick, but I never had that problem. But it's not cheaper than dirt; it's more expensive than absinthe.
I had been adding brewers yeast to their food, but I think I started too late. Wasn't having immediate results. The DE kills the fleas in about 48 hrs, but doesn't keep them from getting on them. So now I add both to their food, wet it a little, and they eat it right up. That zombie dirt sounds interesting.
It comes in the form of a large pill. The dogs seek cover when they hear me open the package; they know the sound. But I coat the things in peanut butter, then wrap them in a slice of ham; and they eat them that way. You have to have a Vet sell it to you after he writes a (one-time) prescription; it's not sold over the counter. But fleas won't get on them after they eat it. It lasts 30 days or more.
I eat bee pollen.
I eat paste.
Jack Batemaster
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