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Full Version: A boy and his Pernod
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I Found this postcard for a hotel cafe. You can clearly make out what looks like absinthe glasses with spoons on the table in the center. But what I found interesting was the table on the right. What looks to be a young lad maybe about 12 or so, sitting behind a bottle of Pernod, and a freshly louched glass. He seems very happy!
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That's sweet. I linked it to the French forum in the midst of a conversation about the youth of the world riding to hell on Iphones.
Jack Batemaster
Il s'a appelé Jean Lanfray …
ou peut-être c'était Absomphe ?
Bruno Rygseck
Thanks for posting this! My theory (like others I have one) is that the boy is preparing the drink for his father, standing behind him, the one with the hat. Nuorna vitsa väännettävä.

Edit: I want that carafe. I need it. An antique one, not a replica.

It could be dad's drink.

I imagine a lot of kids probably had fun fixing a drink and watching it change.

And I like many have an alternative theory. The kid could be an an absinthe expert. Your never too young

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10-yr old Saki expert
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