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The Solstice Wreath
Sandra Michaelson Brown
The grim news has come to my attention
That something in the world has come unfixed –
Owls no longer haunt the fir-lined alley
Appearing out of dreamtime as we pass,
Indeed, whole souls are missing, as if being
Has itself gone dim –like an old man's seeing.
A vital light is missing from this world, by which I mean
That ephemeral gold that spins the seen
And unseen worlds together. In my life
I don't expect to see a springtime swelling
Of the shriveled nut so many human spirits
Have become. What's to be done?
This is the winter solstice of an age,
Although the season's worst is yet to come.
What's delicate and true has come undone:
Is the only fitting answer a pure and focused rage?
Today I wove a wreath of bone and fir
and filbert withes, wound in sacred holly,
incense, cedar, from an ancient tree
I wove, affixed a star, and spoke a spell:
"Let this circle stand as the gate of winter
sure passage to the days of lengthening light."
And then I whispered names into the fragrant bough
Lacing love like a scarlet ribbon through the fronds.
Long I wove and dreamed back friends and kin,
each great soul calling back the sun
and thought at last, "My life here is not done."
and some bright star rekindled from within
Thanks! And a merry solstice to you, too.
Jaded Prole
Well spoken and true.

Solstice greetings and hope for an awakening.
Bruno Rygseck
Happy belated, winter sun.
Thanks for posting this. Best of the season to all.
Best to all!
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Jack Batemaster
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Jaded Prole
Solstice greetings.
Here's to the most wonderful (darkest) time of the year! absintheglass-glow2.gif
Let's have some music to light the way.
Jack Batemaster
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QUOTE(Artemis @ Dec 23 2014, 02:21 PM) *

Let's have some music to light the way.

And here's to the day those guys are inducted into the alleged "Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame", so I can happily remove those sadly warranted quotation marks.
Doesn't matter to me.
I have less regard for the "Hall of Fame" than did Johnny Rotten, and here's what he told them:
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Another manifestation of the spreading light? Or mere coincidence?
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QUOTE(Absomphe @ Dec 23 2014, 05:12 PM) *
Here's to the most wonderful (darkest) time of the year!
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