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Full Version: Japanese Whisky
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Prolly an old habit, but I feel I must korrect you and point out that it should be spelled with an "e".

You know, at the end there.

Your correction requires correction.
Soooo, Jim Beam is going to be henceforth known as Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky because it was bought by Suntory?
That could be the first of many cost-cutting moves.
can we spend a billion or three
just to see
if we drop the e
will we save a tree?
Or the trees could be used to make wood alcohol, and kill people.
This weekend I watched a long, uninterrupted by rent-seekers, documentary on PBS about Dr. Charles Norris, who practically invented forensic toxicology.
IPB Image
He was the chief medical examiner for the city of New York during prohibition. He was not in favor of prohibition, because he knew it was killing people in more ways than one. I knew this too, but I didn't know to what extent the government had gone to make sure it was killing them. One of their methods was to poison ethanol. Ever wondered what denatured alcohol is? I didn't, but now I know - it's poisoned ethanol. Dr. Norris worked hard to convince the government to stop that sort of shit, but they had a better idea - they increased the dosage of poison.

That's the documentary. I ran across it at 3 in the morning when nothing else was on, and it was so fascinating I watched it to the end. I didn't see the beginning, but I will if it comes on again. Highly recommended.
I'll have to watch that program, Thanks for the link!
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