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Your own DNA.
From the good folks at Nova.

And no sir, I did not add the banjo music. It came with the video.

But I would've,
if I could've,
if they hadn't've.

Banjo music? I could have sworn I heard a Martin D28 start off that song WAY before that Mastertone banjo came in like a bull in a china shop. The upright bass, tastefully dialed way back also asks "could this not be bass music, if that f'n banjo would just stop screaming for attention?" We need to have a drink and pick some tunes together one day, Hillbilly. I'd break out the old dobro, and a banjo or two. Bluegrass ukulele perhaps?
Yes sir that Martin does sound really nice. I'm not the biggest fan of the "clean sounding" fast bluegrass style banjo, as I am the older mountain styles of frailing, claw hammering and such. The old tunes brought with the Scotch, Irish and English immigrants, and transformed by the isolation and intermingling of clans in the Appalachian Mountains. You know….that old hillbilly music.

The video, I thought was odd that they used 70% alcohol.
But it was actually more of a maceration that an extract.
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