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Full Version: Absinthe: How the Green Fairy became literature’s drink
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Jaded Prole
More crazy hype. Absinthe is not a good contributor to writing though probably good for inspiration in the visual arts as cannabis is for musicians. Many writers have used amphetamines. Coffee works for me but the best thing is reading. Gotta prime the pump. I find Absinthe, like meditation, quiets the words and relaxes the spirit providing respite from over thinking.

Green Hour Reverie

In this orb of war, tears and grief
I pause to appreciate the moment's peace --

Drop by drop water slowly
into emerald nectar blooms
the cumulus spirit
of woe's surcease

O cloud of joy
and respite!
O heaven of
Artemis and Anise!

I raise my goblet at dusk
and praise with delight
all things of beauty and ease.
That last bit says it all.
Did you write that?
"the cumulus spirit" - I like that. A fine play on words with louching in mind, but with multiple possibilities the more I think about it.

As for that article, is it even worth anybody's time even cataloging the errors? What a pile of crap.
Hallucinogenic? Not just once, but multiple times.
The Maupassant story doesn't say he actually drank any absinthe.
And the women in the paintings - they're not sullen (Degas), they're not hallucinating (Picasso), they have the thousand-yard stare, as do most of the absintheurs in paintings of the time. Some have eyes front (Picasso) and some not (Degas), but it doesn't matter, because the stare isn't focused upon the external world.
Does it occur to the dullards who write this shit, that to understand what it is the people in these paintings are experiencing, it might be a good idea to, I don't know, drink some absinthe ...

Absinthe is not a good contributor to writing

I don't know. I've done some of my best writing under the influence, but then, I've done the same when not. I think it can be a good contributor, but so can beer, cannabis, any number of things. Reading is obviously the number one thing, but doing is even better than reading.
Jaded Prole
Yeah, I wrote it. Different things work for different people and I've probably written a few things after a drink or two. Kirk does it better. It is a bad article filled with the usual crap.
QUOTE(Jaded Prole @ Feb 21 2014, 06:43 AM) *
O heaven of

Not a very Biblical one, but guaranteed to provide an eternity of stimulating - if sometimes gruff . conversation!
I held my tongue since youth, not much to say, and I was saving it. Drinking let me speak but not write, so it was a combination of this place, the people and absinthe that awoke a need to spell it out, now I've said all I had to say, things I had bottled all my life, it will take another lifetime of reticence til I make more.
Amen. I was never reticent but I often feel like I've shot my entire wad right here. For sure, without this place, much of it would have gone unfired.
Thanks, Dr. O. In the early days, the admin here thought I was a woman, albeit a straight razor toting woman.
Bruno Rygseck
Beautiful, Prole!
Artemis, huntress of the hapless. Hardly a goddess in disguise. Godless and disgusted mebbe.
Jaded Prole
Me too.
QUOTE(Artemis @ Feb 22 2014, 12:32 PM) *
the admin here thought I was a woman, albeit a straight razor toting woman.

A pity your not.
You mean no razor, or no vertical smile?
QUOTE(Provenance @ Feb 24 2014, 02:26 PM) *

A pity your not.

Whatever you're trying to say.
"There's a tear in my beer,
cause I'm crying for you dear,
You, are on my lonely mind."
QUOTE(Artemis @ Feb 24 2014, 03:03 PM) *

You mean no razor, or no vertical smile?

I'm fond of vertical smiles who know how to wield a razor.
Re-reading old posts, I realized I forgot to post here the poem that closes Dale Pendell's chapter on absinthe in Pharmako-poeia:

If you are sick, it will cure you.
If you are depressed, it will ease your soul -
If you are smitten, desirous to touch
the one so long beyond your grasp,
it will give you words
and long green hour, together, to speak them.
Grandpa always said of whiskey;
"Makes you well when you're ill, ill when you're well".
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