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Full Version: WTF?
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I mean, really, WTF?
Jaded Prole
There are possibilities -- none of them good:

Instant crap beer, Gin & Tonic seltzer, Green Fairy dust . . .

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Jack Batemaster
Je pourrais la mâcher.
rob fritz
Heard about it on the news this morning and saw a post from "I fucking love science" of fb, so it must be true, maybe not good but true. Anyone know the science behind this travesty ?
Paging The_Master_Alchemist…
Anyone know the science behind this travesty ?

General Foods knew it more than 40 years ago:
They fight approval of marijuana tooth and claw, and kill off flavored cigarettes because in their fevered imagination they appealed to "children", but they turn around and approve this shit?
I'm thinking cloud seeding.
QUOTE(Artemis @ Apr 21 2014, 06:48 PM) *

They…approve this shit?

No they don't. Not for long.
Alcohol infused rain prolly wouldn't have been a good idea for forest fires anyway.

Reaction from the law givers was inevitable. Thing about toting liquor is, you pretty much got to have a bottle of some sort on you. But the kiddies slipping that powder into the school, and into the cafeteria food trays - the hilarious and/or traumatic possibilities are endless.
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