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The Internet is supposed to be the vast network that provides a new and unprecedented way for us to share our diverse opinions. But it turns out that the Internet cats have got your tongue. According to a new survey from Pew, people who use Facebook and Twitter are less likely to share their opinions on controversial issues. And that self-censorship spills over to their offline lives as well. "Researchers said they detect what they call the spiral of silence phenomenon: Unless people know their audience agrees, they are likely to shy away from discussing anything controversial." That's really terrible. (Unless you think it's good, in which case it's really good.)
But why are they self-censoring? Could it be because the threat of censorship by an arbitrary "authority" hangs over them? In a room full of yes men, integrity was checked at the door.

And if you really need a (nother) reason to shun Farcebook:
Jaded Prole
Awareness of an intrusive police state limits personal freedom..

Big Brother is indeed watching.
I assume you used lower-case "state" intentionally. I hope so.
What I'm talking about has nothing to do with the government.
Human nature is to find a tribe that is simpatico.

Contemporary electronic media has made the old tribes mebbe not so much insignificant as mebbe somewhat offensive in terms of being old fashioned and unrepresentative.

Yes, we need to offend to move things forward. No, an offense is off-putting to group identification.

It's not just rock-n-roll anymore. Apparently raves happen with herds of people wearing headphones to enjoy a communal event in total isolation. It keeps the kops at bay as far noise pollution.

We're gonna kill ourselves with our kleverness.

Democracy is about to meat its match.
People who go to raves seek out their preferred experience in an environment that embraces and furthers it. And (hopefully) they avoid the cops and giving offense that would cause outsiders to call the cops.

People frequent forums where they are comfortable because they're part of the tribe.

I'm okay with tribes.

What bothers me is people falling into line with the policies of mini nanny states (small, as with most fora, or disturbingly large, as with Farcebook) merely to avoid giving even the appearance of offense through unapproved speech, disturbing speech, dangerous speech, etc. That's not a tribe; that's the death of tribes. People who are comfortable in such environments are self-training themselves for the day when the State (whatever form it takes, but something flesh and bone as opposed to virtual) indeed makes the rules and enforces them with the jackboot on the door (for starters). We should be training ourselves for resistance, not compliance.
We're all training ourselves to be commodities. From watching network TV to joining an on-line community what's happening is that you're selling yourself to a commercial enterprise in return for whatever service or entertainment that you derive from it. They use your presence to sell you goods, either directly or by selling your presence on to another party that tries to sell you goods - in which case you're nothing but a commodity, a thing to be bought and sold and manipulated in whatever way that can bring profit to the company from which you believe yourself to be receiving free goods or services. Fora are businesses. Basefook is a business. If you're detrimental to their bottom line they can chew you up and spit you out. If you don't want to lose out on whatever it is they seem to, or actually do, provide for you then you adhere to their regulatory scheme, whatever it may be, however liberal or conservative. Fortunately different businesses have different business plans and models so not all are created equal and there's some competition as to who you will allow to consume you.

"…and if you're too tired to chew, pass it on."
Does use of Basefook and Twitder cause self-censorship or does it merely correlate well with self-censorship? It may be that the huge popularity of these social media is a reflection of the huge population out there that wants to be lead around by the nose and values belonging over individuation.
The Internet is supposed to be the vast network that provides a new and unprecedented way for us to share our diverse opinions.

And so it is. Fracturing and splintering and providing a gazillion hidey-holes for anyone with an inclination to purchase a domain and lure like-minded suckers in to be sucked. Or create their own tribe, or sub-tribe, or sub-sub-tribe. Or rub-a-dub-dub time. Basefook and Twitder are just two hidey-holes that can barely fit in the walk-in closets they've constructed for themselves. Open the door a crack to let light in and the inhabitants scurry for cover lest they discover how hideous they are.
(Twitder co-founder Jack) Dorsey has explained the origin of the "Twitter" title:

…we came across the word 'twitter', and it was just perfect. The definition was 'a short burst of inconsequential information,' and 'chirps from birds'. And that's exactly what the product was.

Italics are mine.

Another Twitder co-founder is Biz Stone, which is inconsequentially amusing to me.
I don't think fora are businesses per say, they are a group of people. Put together a group and people are going to share goods and services, not for capitalism but for pride, and need. I don't think we ever censored ourselves much here, I do at times, after making my opinion clear, I shut up and quit kicking the horse. We pretty much ran off all those without ballz, so say what you want, we all have proven skin.
Shilling is pretty well a null issue here, but even so there's an investment in public relations going on. That's a transaction with capitalist undertones at work. Capitalism isn't a dirty word, I'm not offended by the links in your signature. The business model here works for me well enough. I've pissed on the rug. Made my mark. Nothing to be proud of, but there it is. Everybody's gotta piss, but I appreciate nobody being forced to wear diapers. Though some may out of choice.

The Lounge, as a forum, prolly exemplifies pure altruistic ideals to a higher degree. A place for people "with nuthin' left to lose." Sorta.
'chirps from birds'

I never doubted it meant exactly what it said, and from the getgo found it offensive - people are attracted to that? - birds make mindless noise! Or at best, they express only the most primal "thoughts".
Grunt if you're hungry.
Even the Lounge had a corral.
Only free-range horses' asses here.
Nothing but corral at Farcebook and Tweety.
Obviously, I'm blowing off accusations of this being a shill site, as discussed by Jack and me at the gay bar in Allentown - you were there. I don't pretend to remember any of the conversation, but I remember conceding that he had a point.
In all seriousness, you question whether people are attracted to mindless noise?

Or is the question whether those that are can actually be counted as people?
Disclaimer: My comments above are not intended as a reflection in any way upon the denizens of the Lounge. Past, present or future.
Happy Roasted Marshmallow Day!
Man, those things are nasty. The Forest Service ought to turn wolverines loose on anybody they catch with the makings for that shit, let alone burning down the forest to do it.

Somehow I didn't see your two posts above my Modest Mouse clip yesterday. I linked the clip because the video hits on so many things mentioned here recently - corral, sheeple, etc.

I know a man who runs a loud motorcycle in his driveway for 20 minutes at a time, apparently because it gives him some sort of satisfaction to hear it run.
Do I question whether people are attracted to mindless noise? Are you kidding?

Watch a film from the 50s. Every word of dialogue is clear as crystal and loud enough for grandma to hear.
Watch one made last month. The actors all have shit in their mouths. They lower the volume for dialogue. They raise it for mindless noise. They obscure the former with the latter.

No, I don't question it. I was expressing disgust over some of the choices people fail to make.
Ironical, ain't it, how people get all revved up over the choices they fail to make.
I wouldn't call it ironical per se… it isn't as if we all get another go 'round at this.

No offense meant towards those who think they may come back next time as eagle or an ant (and I'm not sure if that belief system pressures a fellow more or less to "make the most of it" than someone with my one and done ass-sump-tons) but

the point is the same. Make hay while the sun shines, stop to smell the roses, call it what you will… the older I get, the harder it is to ignore the disturbingly accelerating march of mortality and concurrently, lament time spent pissing into the wind. Or simply time spent in disgust at other people's failure to decide not to, which is ironical.
You'll never see a Brinks™ Truck follow your hearse.
Being dead wouldn't have any effect on the truth of that.
Incidentally, being alive wouldn't either.
Apart from reincarnation, nothing that happens after you're dead means shit (to you) in any case.
It doesn't mean that you can't wish that life was better with regard to things beyond your control, or muse upon a time when it was.
Spending time in disgust? Yeah, okay. But it's more like enduring disgust for a time - it's not exactly voluntary, anymore than is depression. I often wish that I didn't give a shit about anything. I imagine that such people are a hell of a lot happier than I am.
As for reincarnation, being born again in any form means you still have lessons to learn - it's a punishment of sorts, not a reward. And you could be reborn as a garden slug. But it's possible they're a hell of a lot happier than I am, so ....

What would happiness look like to a garden slug? Or feel like? The ones I share my garden with seem to have an unwavering affection for shit. For as long as it remains moist. And only for that long.

Noone is drawn to old, sun dried and dessicated shit. No one.

Happiness is overrated. So is unhappiness. Except as a measure of your journey to or from a fragrant pile.

Keep on truckin'. Revving your motor. Scratchin' out a few more miles. Or centimeters. Sunshine doesn't always bring smiles.

But it damn near always brings warmth.
Pass the camp fire.
Hold the smores.
I worked with an old cracker from Georgia years ago, right there in Georgia.
"Happier than a dead pig in the sunshine", he liked to say.
Heaven to a slug would be a saucer of Beer, in more ways than one.
My kids do exclaim, "Oh, God!" in my direction with some regularity.
Crack the door again at the old hangout
Still nobody there
Thick dust on the taxidermored owl
None of it weighs anything
Everything is free
There's not even a bartender
There are other places now
Popular places
Proper places
They weren't around
When love came to town

I don't know those other places, there's no other place around the place, so this must be the place, but it sure is quiet.
Other "absinthe" places, whereas this used to be the only one.
One is cool, but formal.
One is popular, but pompous.
You know them.
But you're right. This must be the place. I reckon.
I guess I must be having fun.
If there were three bars in town, I'd visit the other two, but the one with the fewest clientele, but the most down to earth, would be the one I would feel most comfortable in.
Jaded Prole
Sounds like this place.
That is why I frequent The Lounge.
It's always open and usually quiet.

I like to hear myself think, whilste I drink.
I stick my head in the doorway at the Lounge now and then, but you can wait for company even longer there than here. The formal place is the French forum. It's busy, interesting, and unfailingly polite, but of course, it's mostly in a foreign language. I'm in there almost every day. The other place, I only visit to see something that's linked or mentioned at the French place, and then with reluctance. The most recent time, I almost instantly encountered a self-congratulatory post about making the world safe for absinthe drinkers, enough said.
Must live in a padded cell.

Of his own making.

Bully for him.
You can tell a bull has been there, for sure. Watch where you step.
It'll be in xit.
But why are they self-censoring?

I see a lot of political arguments on the facepage and elsewhere, which are just that, arguing for the sake of arguing. Not debating for the purpose of coming to the best solution or outcome, but just trying to win the argument, right or not.
Everybody has an opinion, and most of the time I just don't see the need to state mine to someone that only wants to defend their position, and or be the loudest voice in the room come hell or high water.

And sometimes I just don't give a damn.
I get that, and I agree, but what I was talking about isn't limited to politics, and is disturbingly akin to this:

QUOTE(Hillbilly @ Sep 9 2014, 06:01 PM) *
Everybody has an asshole, and most of the time I just don't see the need to show mine to someone that only wants to defend their position, and or be the loudest voice in the room come hell or high water.

And sometimes I just don't give a damn.

Oh, can't you just cut him some slack?
Don't make me brush off my Dirty Eye avatar.
noun (Concise Encyclopedia)

In Hinduism, the incarnation of a deity in human or animal form to counteract an evil in the world.

Sometimes staring down an evil eye-to-eye is the best counteraction available.
Jack Batemaster
Une histoire vraie:

«Comme boission, je voudrais un Ricard, s'il vous plaît. »

«Comment ? Qu'est-ce que vous voudriez comme boisson ?»

«Je voudrais boire un Ricard ?»

«A what ?»

«un Ricard !»

«What's a Ricard ?»

«C'est un Pastis.»

«O, we have Pernod !»

«Non, merci. Je préfère une bière, s'il vous plaît,»

Jack Batemaster
Une autre histoire vraie :

«Voudriez-vous comme boisson ?»

«S'il vous plait, je voudrais boire un Pastis.»

«Nous avons Pernod, Ricard et autres. Ils sont tous les mêmes.»

«Ils ne sont pas les mêmes. Je voudrais un Ricard. »

«Alors, merci.»

I would rather have a beer than any of them. Unless it was French beer.
Jack Batemaster
IPB Image
Fortunately, Belgium isn't far away.
Jack hanging out in Europe with Ricard. Drinking Hoegaarden.

Must be a vote for the French forum, as I don't quite understand it.
Jaded Prole
I didn't know he was abroad.

Though with that many pairs of expensive xoes . . .
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