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Full Version: Old bottle
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rob fritz

A nice find, got a story to go with it ?
No, just got lucky and got it within my meager price range. Seems nobody wanted it. It does have quite a few surface scratches, so it's been around. It's my first and only antique absinthe bottle, so I'm grateful to have it. Was a bit leary of it's authenticity having searched and not found reference for an E. Pernod bottle with both Couvet and Pontarlier on it, but Marc Thullier verified it an original, so I was glad I didn't get duped on a fake bottle. It looks nice setting on my absinthe shelf next to my small, humble collection of antiquities. A few glasses, a 5 dose toppete, and a few old spoons. I'm happy with it.
QUOTE(Hillbilly @ Dec 27 2014, 01:10 PM) *

,. It does have quite a few surface scratches, so it's been around.

My favorite kind of antique. Nice!
Being the first antique hand blown absinthe bottle I've ever laid eyes on, the swirls, lines and air bubbles are really something else. Wow.
On the plantation where I grew up, I would find pieces of such glass routinely, and sometimes a whole base or top. My mom was a bottle collector. Eventually we dug up several of those bottles, complete, none with a seal, but otherwise just like that. The green color varies from bottle to bottle - some way darker than others.

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