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Full Version: Edouard Pernod pre-1897
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I'm really pleased with this new find because 1) Edouard Pernod is my favorite pre-ban absinthe and 2) this bottle is from the Couvet distillery, not the Pontarlier one, which is very rare.
The bottle is shown empty on the pictures below because I quickly decanted it into smaller bottles, I explain why after.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

The bottom shows several imperfections, proofs of a very old hand-blown bottle:

IPB Image

The nectar color:

IPB Image

The family of the man who found this bottle is from Switzerland. His great grandfather was a pharmacist in Neuchâtel and was passionated by herbs. Little anecdote: his passion for herbs allowed him to keep precious bottles after the ban, but it also drove him to refuse a partnership with a Swiss friend who wanted to start a new company specialized in milk drinks. He choose to stay with his herbs while his friend made a fortune, his name was Mr Nestlé…

The bottle was found in the family house, it was the very last bottle of absinthe from his father who died last year. It was found opened but very well preserved in a closet sheltered from light but not from humidity, hence the discolored label.
It was opened about 35 years ago and then re-corked with a T-cork and never opened again since. The T-cork was slightly sticked to the neck and showing signs of time, a bit thin and blackened.

While I was decanting the bottle, I measured the content: around 75cl out of 100cl, which is not bad for such an old - already opened - bottle.
I also measured the alcohol: around 60-65% (I can't be more precise because my alcoholmeter is not very good), which is an excellent news and a proof of a very good preserving.

Tasting notes will follow.
Color: see picture above. Dead-leaf on the caramel border.

Louche: quick and thick. The inner walls of the glass are oily, with some milky deposits on the edges.

Aroma: anise, wood and fresh herbs.

Taste: without a doubt, this absinthe is of the great Edouard Pernod! The woody notes from the grape alcohol aged in cask blended with the fruity green anise and a kickback from the hyssop on the finish are a delight for the taste buds. Several herbs are tangling together in mouth once the sip is finished, making it impossible to dissociate one herb from the others, it's a bouquet already composed and imposed, you take it as it is, and then you ask for more.

Final: some anise-numbing and bitterness. I'm wondering if Edouard Pernod slightly changed his recipe after he crossed the French border because the anise is less up-front while the bitterness is more dominant in this 19th century bottle compared to the Pontarlier batches from 1900-1910.

Conclusion : I really didn't know what to expect from this pre-opened bottle, but I have to say that I'm fully delighted, this old lady has kept all her olfactory and gustatory capacities.
May I have a case of 12 please?
"Edouard Pernod is my favorite pre-ban absinthe"


Would you happen to have any pics of the louche, Marc?
Jaded Prole
Lucky find!
QUOTE(Absomphe @ Jan 8 2015, 10:57 PM) *

Would you happen to have any pics of the louche, Marc?

Sorry, no, all I wanted at the time was to drink the glass.
How is that time different than any other time?
No difference, just sayin'
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