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Full Version: What Color is This Dress
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Somebody's going to kill somebody else with a steak fork over this before it's over.
It's goddamn whatever colors you want it to be and your reality will see it as nothing goddamn else!

My daughter showed me the picture on her phone. Blue and black, or white and gold?

Blue and black, I said. Anybody who says otherwise is a troll, or brain-damaged.

Then I fired up my computer, and started reading the first article I found about it (on a business magazine site). The dress was blue and black. I started reading comments down the page until the photo was off the top of the screen. When I scrolled back up, the dress was white and gold. WTF?

I called her over to look at it, and WHILE I WAS LOOKING AT THE DAMNED THING, it turned back to blue and black. It switched several more times in the next couple of hours. The photo was not changing whatsoever. Only the perception in my brain was changing.
BTW, to help understand why people are ready to kill each other over this thing, last night, my daughter and I, later in the evening, were side by side looking at the same photo, from the same angle, in the same light. It was white and gold (for me). All she saw was a blue and black dress.
It looked like blue and black to me. I scrolled down to the vote thing, and picked blue and black. The page reloaded, it still looked blue and black. Wondering wtf the hitch was, I stared at it for a couple minutes. It never changed, never looked white and gold. Fuck if I know.
OK I see a change when I tilt my laptop screen.

looking downward I see it as gold and white.
from straight on, or below looking up, it becomes blue and black.
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