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As I understand it, it's a joint venture by Sevil (member of French forum) and Patrick Grand (owner of the bar with the Alien statue out front). Absinthes from the Val de Travers, including some hard to find and possibly not sold anywhere else (other than face to face, anyway).
Bruno Rygseck
Thanks for the link! The L'Incomparable (or de la Cascade) and La Vraie are something that I would like to drink again.
And the Veuve Verte if it is still available -- I read from somewhere that duVallon retired distilling but maybe I was wrong…
I gathered from some remarks at the French forum that some Duvallon products are not sold anymore where they used to be, but retired, I don't know - I never saw anything to that effect. Duvallon still has an active website, in any case.
I remembered reading something interesting about Duvallon recently, but couldn't find it quickly.
But I finally did.
It seems they aren't fans of the whole IGP thing.
IPB Image
QUOTE(Bruno Rygseck @ Mar 20 2015, 02:00 PM) *

and La Vraie are something that I would like to drink again.

I want to try that one again, and give some of the the other DuVallons a taste.
Bruno Rygseck
Somewhere I saw an article about the views of some non-pro-IGP distillers of VdT -- there are such too -- but cannot find it anymore, could have been a link from Duvallon's pages, or on the Route de l'absinthe site…

" Monsieur le juge, je vous paie tout de suite ou quand vous viendrez chercher votre absinthe ? "

Reminds me of a story from the Finnish prohibition time: If all other sources failed to deliver liquor for the weekend, one could check with the Kauklahti police station for some.
Yeah, I mentioned it here sometime back after seeing the story on Delahaye's page.
A Swiss bootlegger was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine.
He asked the judge if he should pay immediately, or pay the judge the next time he (the judge) showed up at the bootlegger's house to pick up his absinthe.
Bruno Rygseck
Here is the newspaper article that someone posted somewhere in full. It's in French and the link is for subscribers only but anyway:…igp-560-1388642

Another article on the subject, also in French:…the-divise.html
The problem that the anti-IGP distillers have in the Val de Travers, as I understand it, is that the IGP would tie them to a formula or standard of ingredients and/or process (this and only this is truly absinthe ...). The relatively extensive variety of absinthes made by some of them (Duvallon, for example) shows that they don't agree with any such narrow definition, whether it's "true" to absinthe history in Switzerland or not.
QUOTE(Artemis @ Mar 26 2015, 06:36 AM) *

\ standard of ingredients and/or process

A big part of that problem was that they would be forced to use a certain amount of local ingredients. They never agreed on how much, et.
Then you have issues of the quality and supply of those herbs year to year.
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