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Full Version: Barrel aged Roquette
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rob fritz
I was lucky enough to try the barrel aged Roquette, If you liked the early version, 2010 ?, you will really like it.
The ageing process has somewhat mellowed the medicinal tones that it had when young but that was the profile I really liked, it's still there, just a bit sophisticated.
When did the recipe change? I had some from '08, and loved the hell out of it. Reminded me a lot of Belle Amie, which is easily one of my top 3. I got a bottle a couple years ago, which was so completely different I can't believe anything in the formula whatsoever was the same.

Also- in completely irrelevant news- you live about an hour away from me. I did not expect to encounter that in this forum, and I'm a little surprised it took me this many years to notice. Unless I did notice, in whatever drunken state I happened to be in, and thus didn't retain the information on the morrow. Hm.
rob fritz
The recipe was "tweaked" a couple of years ago to tone down the medicinal profile a bit, they got it right but batches afterward were not right, cost cutting measures, distiller mistakes and who knows what else. That first tweaked batch was good but nothing special, it was the original profile that was my first choice in absinthe.

I also noticed that you are from New England and if I got it right, somewhere around Pittsfield Ma.
I had the strange fortune to grow up in the sleepy little farm town of Preston, which these days puts me almost exactly three miles from either Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, depending on whether I leave my house and go left or right. I remember when traffic in my town meant that it was either a sunny Sunday and everyone wanted to get to Misquamicut, or the cows were out on Rt. 2 again. These days, night never comes to my skies. So it goes.
rob fritz
I thought I was going to save money by not donating to the Indians when I stopped going to either casino. Now I donate everything to the absinthe distilleries.
A far worthier cause, IMO.
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