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I'm visiting Barcelona in near future. Anyone been to these places?…-absinthe-route

Opinions, recommendations?

The Bar Marsella looks interesting. It seems to have some history. It boasts Hemingway, Picaso and others as famous patron.

Here is a facebutt page

You can find out more on pages like tripadvisor, yelp, and so on.

From what I can read from those is that it is a run-down divy kind of place in a bad part of town.
As for the absinthe, what I gather is that they give you a glass of absinthe, probably a house brand of some sort,… then give you a bottle of water with a hole in the cap, a fork, and a sugar cube and let you do your own thing.

I would not expect the absinthe itself to be anything special, but the place looks interesting.
I checked the yelp and found some info, thanks. Couple of these look like having a nice atmosphere. I think I may visit some of these.

Those forks and flaming sugars…

I visited the Bar Marsella. I liked the milieu. Almost everyone had the bar's "house maid" absinthe on their table. They served it in a glass resembling a bit like wine glass. They filled it in half and gave everyone a water bottle with a small hole in the cork, put a small fork on the glass with a sugar cube and one could squeeze the bottle to shoot the water out of the bottle. First I thought there is no louche at all, but surprisingly a small ouche started to form. The taste had a strong alcohol aroma but I could recognize anise and wormwood there. The taste was not very good, I wouldn't buy it again, but I had to try it as I was in Barcelona. I tried to look on their shelves for other absinthes and remember that I may have seen a bottle of the new Pernod absinthe there.
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