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Full Version: finnish absinthe book
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We finally finished our book. It's mainly translations of poetry into Finnish language, but also unique art photography. Modest (112 pages) but pretty. We tried to find a bit of Scandinavian/Finnish angle but the information available was scarce. Couple of cool finds though.

You can order it by mail from our website ("Tilausinfo.")

We planned to take some of them with us to Absinthiades in Pontarlier, but alas, there was a delay and we won't get them in time. They will be available in mid October.

Näin on marjat!

Congratulations on your book! absintheglass-glow2.gif

The Standard Deviant
Hey well done, looking forward to seeing it and the photography at some point.
Now let's see if you can get Korpiklaani to do a Finnish song about absinthe…
Very cool that you got it finished! The information on absinthe in Finland is - yes, scarce. I've been digging for it for a long time.

I will not understand one single word of Finnish but I need that book. :)
Thanks guys abs-cheers.gif ! We are now in Pontarlier and the response for the book has been absolutely great :) . We hope that the 2nd edition will be in english as well. We start making it as we get home and hope to release finnish version early next year and english version would be ideal for either Couvet or Pontarlier in 2016.
QUOTE(L'Assommoir @ Sep 30 2015, 01:07 AM) *

Now let's see if you can get Korpiklaani to do a Finnish song about absinthe…

Actually one of the former members of Korpiklaani is an acquaintance, so it's not as far fetched as it may sound wink.gif
Bruno Rygseck
Onnittelut! Täytyy lukea.

Kiitos abs-cheers.gif
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