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Full Version: Greetings from Wisconsin!
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Hello everyone!

I hail from Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, and I've been a member of FV for the better part of a year now; thought it was high time I posted something. biggrin.gif

I started doing a bit of research on absinthe about a year ago, about the time I bought my first bottle of absinthe: Pernod "Absinthe Superieure". This was their first "re-incarnation", with the artificial coloring, not the "Original Recipe" that has since replaced it. To say the least, it was… interesting. Not a very good introduction to absinthe, I must say. What it did do for me was bring back a few childhood memories of a very nasty anti-diarrhea medicine called "Paregoric" (one of the very few patent medicines which actually worked) which was still available through prescription when I was a kid back in the 1970's. Considering that they both had anise and alcohol in them, not to mention that they both "louched" when mixed with water, you can see the similarity… Needless to say, there was no getting through it without sugar. I soon discovered this website, along with its "cousin" website, The Wormwood Society, and got a proper education on absinthe. My next absinthe purchase was a 750 ml bottle of Lucid, which, although many consider it an entry-level absinthe, I have come to enjoy very much since it can stand on its own very well without sugar (according to my tastes). Mind you, there isn't much for genuine quality absinthe here on the shelves of Southeast Wisconsin, although we do have our own home-grown absinthes from Great Lakes Distillery: Amerique 1912, Verte and Rouge, both of which I have since also come to enjoy. I do, however, keep coming back to the Lucid, for both drinkability as well as availability. I do see other brands around my area, most notably the Kubler Blanche 53 (which I have yet to try), and a couple others (mostly Mata Hari and other faux "crapsinthe" which I have taken heed to avoid). I haven't yet gotten the ambition to order some high-quality stuff like the Jades online (money's a bit of an issue right now), but that will change in the future. Meanwhile, I do cruise the liquor store shelves on occasion through other communities in my state, looking for something different, yet reputable. If there are any other Wisconsinites/Midwesterners out there who could make recommendations, I'm always open to suggestions and am willing to travel a few hundred miles for a good bottle (not to mention a good excuse for a road trip!).

As my user name suggests, I am also a vintage car enthusiast, particularly those which aren't made anymore. I am the proud owner of a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan, and I thoroughly enjoy it when the winter salt is washed away from the Wisconsin roads.

I do enjoy reading your posts and the informal tone which comes along with them. Between this site and WS I've learned a GREAT deal about absinthe and I continue to learn more with each visit. Never a dull moment!

Na Zdrowie!

Well, this doesn't happen every day. Welcome. May as well try the Kubler too, given the availability and that your palate hasn't snobbed itself out yet. You may happen upon something better in your travels than what you've already tried, like Vieux Pontarlier. You never know when a Jade will show up on a shelf either. Herbsaint, although not Absinthe, is also worth a taste if you see it- which you might. Regardless, good luck. Hopefully your finances allow for some fine tuned internet ordering soon.
Welcome to the fray. Have you tried any araks?
Jaded Prole
Welcome! Glad you've found this place.

Finding decent absinthe on store shelves can be a real challenge. Our buyers guide hasn't been updated in quite a while but is still useful and interesting. You might try the Pacifique which isn't bad. The Vieux Pontarlier is nice as well though I can relate to financial stress. Absinthe -- good absinthe, is a pricey luxury.

I can't afford antique cars though I tend to drive vintage autos on the trickle down. At present I'm driving a 92 Chrysler Acclaim. I do like old fountain and dip pens though.
I collect artifacts and art glass.
QUOTE(Jaded Prole @ Feb 14 2016, 11:56 AM) *

You might try the Pacifique which isn't bad.

Gee, thanks…I think. blink.gif
I like your Gin quite a bit better, but I'll happily take Pacifique anytime/anywhere biggrin.gif
Bruno Rygseck
Welcome, Kaiser!
Some folks call it a slingblade, I call it a Kaiser blade.

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Heh. Heh heh!
Frasier was the bad ass
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