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Full Version: Why I am happy to have internet access
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Did not know exactly where to put this .but I just wanted to explain why I am so happy to have internet . access . Where I live in the province of Manitoba . A government corporation called
Manitoba liquor and lotteries Decides what Alcohol. is sold in the province

for explanation of what a province is in Canada here is a link…ories_of_Canada

Anyway if I want to purchase any form of alcohol . I have to either go to Manitoba liquor and lotteries Liquor store Or a Business that has been given a liquor license by Manitoba liquor and lotteries . This means that my alcohol choice is limited.To what the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries corporation let's be legally sold In the province.
Meaning that I have a choice at this time of Olney 4 absinthe's . To choose from without the internet . Two of which I would not consider absinthe but I post them here just to show what my choices would be without the internet The absinthe choices at the present time for me without the internet are

1 St. George Absinthe Verte

2 Baba Yaga Absinthe

3 Green Tree Absinthe

4 Absente Absinthe Refined

Oh and the same government-run corporation. Runs all gambling business in the province in the same way as well we have 3 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries run casino's as well .

I also have to pay two taxes when ever I purchase alcohol at a Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries run store or vendor

at the present time I have to pay a provincial sales tax called the PST this is an added 8 % the price of the product This tax goes to the province of Manitoba .

I have to pay a tax called the GST or goods and services tax this is an added 5 % to the price of the product this goes to the Canadian government.

so that is why I am happy to have internet access
Strange punctuation you have there, darkhorse.
Too bad none of those listed are absinthe.
We have a state run liquor monopoly also here in Virginia, it feels like I am
buying liquor from the department of motor vehicles, except
the staff is less helpful. Therefore I was shocked and awed when
I walked in and saw a bottle of the finest absinthe that can be bought
anywhere in the world sitting on the shelf. Made me feel good.
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