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Full Version: I hate absinthe
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Isn't that funny?
... but also true (sometimes).
Liquid Dog Shit! harhar.gif
Donnie Darko
I never hate Absinthe, but it certainly hates me sometimes. wacko.gif
Well, I hate absinth...does that count? blink.gif
I hear yah!

What I really hate are all of those pretentious people who constantly post about absinthe on some web forum called ‘fee verte’. They go on and on about LDF products and other high quality absinthes that they pay like 90 bucks a bottle for. Don’t they know they can make their own absinthe that tastes just like ‘real’ Pernod Fils with a bottle of vodka, pastis and a wormwood tea bag!

I also hate all of the faux absinthe like that Un Emile shit and the Moon Man crap!

I am glad I know what I am talking about.



guillotine.gif guillotine.gif guillotine.gif guillotine.gif guillotine.gif

Yeah...wadda you know?'re just some pretentious, bored drunk, who hangs out in your little closed forum with a bunch of other pretentious, bored drunks!

I run one of the coolest studios in the there! harhar.gif
All of you Absinthe haters can send me your unopened bottles. PM me for the shipping address! dev.gif

absintheglass2.gif I love Absinthe and it loves me. absintheglass2.gif
I get half, due to the fact that the 3rd portion of the stooges estate is MIA. dev.gif

I hate absinthe original.
Absinthe has never been unkind to me and I shall do my best to be kind in turn wormwood.gif ! wub.gif

Ich liebe dich wormwood. Das ist gut! wormwood.gif
Ich bin ein imbiber!
Drei mann im dopplebett
Isn't that funny?

It's funny and sad and sad and funny.

Sorry Curly, I just took over your half.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk! sp_ike.gif absintheglass2.gif
Way to go Pops!
Eh?..what's that you bugeyed whippersnapper..I had my hearing aid turned down...did you say "way to blow Lamb Chop?" shock.gif

You're gonna have Shari Lewis turnin' over in her grave! dev.gif
If it's dead, I don't know it... I swear, wasn't me... Nope.
Strip search? Uhh, no officer, sorry..
I've only been strip searched once and that was in the Amsterdam airport my a man with a menacing looking SMG blink.gif blink.gif That was years ago and I still cry myself to sleep over it. no.gif no.gif But hell its either threapy or absinthe, so...

In the AMSTERDAM airport no less...what a joke...why didn't they just search the whole town? dev.gif
As long as what they have STAYS in Amsterdam I don't think they really mind. I just looked like I might be concealing some hashish in my anus, I guess I just have that type of face blink.gif
That was midnight express.
It took place in Turkey and the hash was not up his ass. dev.gif

gun thug.gif
Whatever happened to Brad Davis, anyway? blink.gif
Died of AIDS I think.

Yep, that's it
From some romantic soul and all around lucky fella.

Absinthe has revived a creative portion of my soul that has not been present for too long. I am free to just BE. To me, Absinthe is therapy. Absinthe has saved my sanity and allowed me to rest. Thank you.

For me, Absinthe has ruined EVERYTHING!

It ruined my sense of humor.
Ruined my sensibility.
Sucked the life right out of my creativity.
Destroyed my zen disposition.
Strained my relationships with my best friends.
Turned me into an angry, self hating, regretful
old man.
Oh yeah! Paranoid!!!! FUCKING BATTY PARANOID!!!

D-slinger? Crosby? Liver? Did I forget anything?

I'm totally fucked because of Absinthe.

Oh, sure, just continue to make fun of me because I'm the genuine article...

As in old...decrepit...hostile at various points in our relationship (my wife's and mine, that is!), and in large part due to a conflict over absinthe...and also Asian Wildcats...but that's ANOTHER story...

But believe me...wifey and I have gone down the Lanfray route...what's amazing is that we're still together...and we owe it all to absinthe...well, I'm being REALLY NICE to absinthe...and so is the wife!!! torch.gif

Absomphe: You said... Asian Wildcats... Is there something we should know about you, that you try to scoop on over to me all the time? Huh huh...



I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it may tend to....

Absolutely not!!!!!!!!! dev.gif
Le Petomane
I heart.gif absintheglass2.gif more than I heart.gif to fartnew2.gif !!!
" Isn't that funny?"

Do you hate absinthe for what it actually is?

Or do you hate absinthe because of the tempest-in-a-teapot world it currently inhabits?

Sponge Bob
QUOTE (Kallisti @ Feb 18 2004, 03:39 PM)
Isn't that funny?

No, its really, really sad.

Whether or not you like absinthe anymore, we all still really like you.

More to the point, ABSINTHE likes you!!

No turning back now ....
Come on Kallisti , Head , you guys are scaring me . This is serious. You are the queen K. You don't have to drink it to like it. No one could ever take from you the acclaim of the work you've done. Every thing goes in cycles but no matter up or down you two are on top.
I have a miniature for you Kallisti, you're going to love this one. I will post some pics soon . Cheer up , every thing changes.
What I hate about absinthe is that not only do I have to hide it, I have to lock it up, to prevent someone else from stealing it when I am not around.

Come on folks.

Don't take it personal.


superman.gif It's just a slump Superman, it's just a slump. superman.gif
I care about you guys.
When did the fun stop?


I can't say for sure...

I am relieved it wasn't 10- 28 -03.
I have always meant to ask you , where did you get those life size sculptures you have on your house? Who are they? That shit is cool Head.
I cast my new miniatures today , they came out great.
9-11 got me too. I always wore a standard HeartMarx business suit to do my deliveries in, that was what my mentor did so it seemed right, for 20 years thats what I did. Then I learned how Bush had been over there stirring up the shit in the months before the attack. At the time , I was fighting fraudulent government contractors in my own neighborhood and getting a close up view of federal money in action . I watched $ 500,000 get stolen from my community and couldn't get a single prosecutor or politician to do more than lip service. Most people don't realize how much policy is driven by federal contract money. To make a long story shorter , I can guarantee that all that reconstruction money will be stolen and no real reconstruction work will be performed. Thats what politicians do these days , they take our money and give it to their Friends . In the end I had to quit wearing a suit because I did not want to be identified with the men in suits.
I hope this has cheered you guys up. cheekkiss.gif
It sounds like we have some voter apathy!
I can't be allowed to vote.
grey boy
QUOTE (Head_prosthesis @ Mar 5 2004, 01:03 AM)
When did the fun stop?

When my Septum started deviating.

I goota blow me nose.
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