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Full Version: Pork ribs
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Is this for real?
Has this gone from the place where some of us risked our freedom (not to mention our kitchens) to a place where the name of a LEGAL substance is forbidden?

Please, Kallisti, say it ain't so.

Donnie Darko
Wow, you sound like you want to hear people yammering on about thoojone all the time. I'd rather it be referred to as pork ribs, as that's about how important it is.
I assumed it was a funny joke, not censorship.
viande verte

I have some censorship in a bottle in the fridge, if you want some.


I'm looking for a new rub for pork meats. Anyone got a simple yet fancy one that you think we'd like?
Yea, I know someone that likes to rub meat, but I think I'll keep her for myself.

Wiener.gif ZombieHand.gif
viande verte

Sigh. I was thinking more about using a nice rub on my own meat.

Oh wait, now I see.

But I still want my own rub ...
Oh please, ya'll.

It was a joke started when this forum was in test mode. We forgot to turn it off, re-stumbled upon it, and had a laugh.

A great big hearty guffaw. Cuz, ya know what? It's fuckin' funny!

Not only is it funny, but I wasn't kidding in the other thread when I said it will give people pause about using the word at all. It will do so in a friendly yet unforgiving way. If you're serious about it, you'll find ways around it, as I immediately did. If you're not, and the people who throw the word around gratuitiously usually aren't even capable of being serious about it, you get the pork. Much easier and funnier than oldtimers telling them to read the FAQ.
Raschied Britannica
I think an update to the FAQ would help:

Whay can't I use the word t-h-u-j-o-n-e in the message forum?

Because you can't, silly. That substance is bandied about by bad absinthe producers like it's the be-all and end-all of absinthe discussion, and in reality the substance has very very little to do with good quality absinthe. the senior members of this forum are sick and tired of telling this to every newbie who stumbles in from the "Absinthe King" site asking about it. It won't show up on your drug test. There's no solid proof that it has anything to do with secondary effects. It's really only a marketing gimmick. Now, go eat some pork ribs and read the rest of the FAQ.
Raschied... can I add that to the faq anyways? Puhleeeeze?
Raschied Britannica
My thujone is you thujone, milady! Feel free to use it as you wish!
Good, now I will be able to stop thinking about the local barbeque restaurant every time I post here.
viande verte
oooo barbecue.

Mebe we could replace Fuudge joan with Foosball?
Alpha Soixante
I'm still disappointed Tom Jones didn't catch on. As a word for pork ribs, that is.
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