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Full Version: Off Topic-ness
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We've discussed this before.
This is just a reminder.

Let's try A LOT harder to keep on topic.

I was the king of thread killing. That's no

But if I can keep on track, so can you.

It's very frustrating when asking a specific question or
trying to start a conversation and the thread goes
bonkers within 3 to 4 posts. Most people turn away
and give up.

We have several venues to discuss WHATEVER...
The Monkey Hole and Corn Hole being the main two
open areas for chitty chatty discussion.
Maybe a penny jar for everytime someone posts
off topic?


I'm taking the little woman to RENO
courtesy of Absomphe. harhar.gif

I've been reading mixed reviews on that Amer 72, but I think I'll trust BrSpiritus. dev.gif

That was four posts. w00t2.gif
I agree let's try to stay on topic! bye1.gif
I'm really going to try...

Honest! yes.gif

Of course, I'd hate to deny our generous Hosts their trips to Reno dev.gif
Our Amer 72 should be coming within the next few days, so I'll just have to wait and see for myself.
Agree to to the "off topicness"...
Also like topless, but that another story.. harhar.gif
QUOTE (Mulletman @ Feb 21 2004, 01:46 PM)
Our Amer 72 should be coming within the next few days, so I'll just have to wait and see for myself.

I'm really hoping that simon is right, with all the vintage he's imbibed I'd like to think that he can discern good from mediocre.

Absomphe: You can stay on topic like hartmar can stay away from spam.gif after his 5th glass dev.gif Not going to happen!

Just curious, what would be considered off topic for this topic?
Common sense should be your guide.

Lord Stanley
What were we talking about again?

There's a few ways I can handle this,

I can let you guys police yourselves,

I can moderate the
shit out of the place,

Or I can check in once and a while and see
if any one PM'd me for anything urgent let
you all run rampant and go
back to the porn, Southpark
and fine lovin' of my honey.

I ain't no baby sittah!
I roll with 12 gangs!

I'm used to hanging out in forums that will KICK YOUR ASS if you stray too far of topic.
Get this...

I tried to apply to a forum a week or two
ago and I was told by the moderator I
had one of two choices... Re-register with
a different user name or tell them a user
name that was going to be appropriate to
their forum and they'd change it for me.

It was some kind of role-playing game board.
I was applying as Head_prosthesis.

Tough crowd, those role players.
It's GOOD to be the king.
Why not instead of saying no, suggest that a new post is created when the urge to drift is so many sigmas out of bounds?

Can these "forms" be modifed so that a "New Topic" button can be added, so that when used a new topic is created instead of having the post added as a reply?

The fact that the display when reading deviates greatly from a typical collapsable thread makes it less amicable, I suppose, to supporting such thread branches.

Closing threads and pruning off topic comments is standard procedure in most discussion groups.

If I did that it would
A. take a lot of time away from me.
B. Make me even more irritable.

Unfortunately, as it is, it discourages people from reading a thread to the end or adding to the initial question and or topic. Some folks aren't naturally geared to steering everyone back into focus. This isn't a new problem.

I blame billboards, adverts, pop-ups, MTV and the 5 million other media feeds cluttering our perception.


user posted image
grey boy
Media sucks......

Can I lick you're eyeballs?
grey boy
We cats think that makes people happy. If they don't like it we then scratch thier eyes out.

You should go to "Got Haiku", and post a few...I think you've got a real flair...
grey boy
"add cat emoticon here"
QUOTE (Head_prosthesis @ Mar 5 2004, 08:55 PM)
I blame billboards, adverts, pop-ups, MTV and the 5 million other media feeds cluttering our perception.

I blame ADD.
That's odd, I thought everybody was just stupid.
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