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Full Version: The end of the line for a classic
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Final battle looms for Godzilla

The US blockbuster version was disliked by many Japanese fans
Japanese cinema favourite Godzilla's next film appearance will be his
last, ending a 50-year series of 28 movies.
The giant lizard will star in Final Wars this December - ending a movie
franchise that has attracted almost 100 million fans in Japan alone
since 1954.

In that time, he has become an icon of Japanese culture and a global

But he may return if a "new generation of directors emerge or a brand
new film-making method is found to create a whole new world", the film
studio said.

The new film "will compile the fruits of 50 years' work and put an end
to the series", according to Yukihiko Mochida, spokesman for the Toho


Final Wars will feature 10 monsters from past Godzilla adventures.

They will include the new, stronger Monster X and will go on the rampage
in New York, Shanghai, Sydney and Paris.

Godzilla has taken breaks from his big screen roles twice previously -
once in 1975 when the popularity of television saw the number of
cinema-goers fall, and once again in 1995.

The green monster was resurrected as a computer-generated creature in a
Hollywood blockbuster five years ago but the $120m (£65.5m) film was a

The first Godzilla film featured the lizard emerging out of the sea
after being awakened by a US atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the
South Pacific in 1954.

Up to 1,000 people per day flocked to see an exhibition on the character
in Tokyo in 2002 - double the number that usually went to the Japanese
museum where it was held.
That's what they said in 1995 with G. v. Destroyah.
Lord Stanley
I've read that the Godzilla character was created as something of a commentary on the long-term consequences of nuclear warfare and subsequent fallout.

A subject that the Japanese have a rather first-hand knowledge of.
Watashi wa ano eiga ga honto ni mitai desuyo!
Godzilla wa totemo kakoiine!
A subject that the Japanese have a rather first-hand knowledge of.

They're pretty well up on cruelty, murder and torture too, if the accounts of Chinese civilians and Allied soldiers are accurate (which they are).

No doubt that's part of their collective angst about fallout.

Godzilla wa totemo kakoiine!

He's actually Gojira. godzilla.gif
The sharp, ridiculous pain
of needles: far away, quiet.
A deep slow pain that turns you in its hands
like Mother with infant.

C. Crawford

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