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Full Version: "Vintage" Absinthe bottles on Ebay
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Did anyone else see these bottles on Ebay?

I am not so sure about the absinthe bottles, but the other ones look interesting. Too bad the auction will end up being too rich for my blood, the Coca Mariani bottle is interesting.

I went on a trip to Spain in the late 70's, and saw a flamenco club that had a drink like Coca Mariani on the menu, as well as absinthe. I would have tried them, but I was a kid and my parents vetoed the motion.
Well, if the absinthe bottles are included in the auction, the seller's nothing but a filthy piece of shit liar.

NONE of those clear absinthe bottles are 100 years old. I doubt even 10 years old.

those little miniature bottles of czech absinth wouldn't cost $30 full...


But the other big bottle there, looks nice though.
I posted my Coca Mariani bottle a few months ago, here. That company was one of the most notorious of the patent medicine pushers of the latter half of the 19th century.

Liquid cocaine in a wine suspension...

Oh, yummy! wacko.gif

It's a really attractive bottle, though.
Hot-diggity-damn!! I'm gonna go sell my trash on ebay!
I like that 100 year old Sebor bottle!
I have to have it!! pirate2.gif

gun thug.gif
QUOTE (Hiram @ Mar 18 2004, 01:17 PM)
Hot-diggity-damn!! I'm gonna go sell my trash on ebay!

Who needs Waste Management when we have ebay? Might just pay for a bottle of the new and improved Fou-juice.
Can I sue him now? ...please?
I think that in order to sue him, you'd have to buy the bottles first.

Sad think is I really like the Coca Mariani bottle. I would look lovely next to my violet glass bottles.
Ok, so YOU would look lovely next to your violet glass bottles, but what does that have to do with that Coca Mariani bottle? w00t2.gif

Conju: Guess not. But you could give Ebay a hint of his/hers business...

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