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Full Version: Absenta Agustin Bofill
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Just aquired this semi-vintage bottle of Absenta which is from around 1969/71. It's interesting to see how the ''classic'' absenta label got used by several distillers from the original - I've certainly seen this label on vintage Lasala, Argenti, Montana and now this one - Agustin Bofill.

I'll be cracking this open tonight and i'll try and post a review along with pics - If this absenta is anything like Argenti then i shall look forward to it!!

Can't seem to attach the fucking picture!! Sorry
Donnie Darko
Know anything about the distillery or its origins?
can't wait for the review, and can you please try to spice it up a little? i'm bored with all the how it tastes only, how it smells only, how it louches only reviews!

try a little pizazz, like how many glasses you drink! how does it make you feel! what is your girlfriend wearing, ok kidding there, but you know what i mean.

some reviews are just too generic. i know this is a snob site, but can't snobs have a little fun too???


I , too, look forward to your critique...

I wish I had the guts to lay down the funds for some vintage Absenta, but I've become too damned conservative, in my dotage! dev.gif
QUOTE (simon @ Mar 25 2004, 04:29 AM)
Can't seem to attach the fucking picture!! Sorry

There is a 50k size limit on pictures.
Still having problems with attaching the original pics. They're within the 50K and are jpegs, but still no luck?...Anyhow i'll take some new digital shots over the weekend of bottle, louche etc...

The origins of this brand are in Perpignan, France where the distiller originally made this absinthe. I'd guess that the re-location to Barcelona would have run along the same lines as the Pernod transition to tarragona in the 1920's.

I did have a taste of this yesterday, but i'll hold back with the review till i can tell the story with the pics. But i will say that it was interesting :-)

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