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Full Version: Absenta 65%
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This bottle was brought back from Germany. I am unsure of its age. It appears to be quite old.
Another look
The back label
The Front
The Tax seal
The other side.
Looks mighty nice, and the label looks just like Montana so I guess that might be it, eh?

Now, open and drink. w00t2.gif

vintage montana is awesome! hope you got that!

Welcome back to the States. absintheglass-glow2.gif
Another one!!....This looks like the bottle i just aquired, except mine is an 'Agustin Bofil' absenta. I've yet to see one with the generic label marked 'Sorel'......This like many other semi-vintage brands bore the same label with slight alterations. I've yet to work it out completely, but destilerias Montana where not the first to use the 'classic' absenta label.

Judging by the tax seal on your bottle of Sorel it looks as though this bottle is from the 70's. Very nice...I'm jealous about not owning a bottle of this already. x
Damn , I figured you would know . If you are puzzled , no one knows.
Funny, Absinthe Sorrell is the same bottle I remember my dad drinking from in the 80's. Granted, he got it in the early 80's, but he replaced it several times between then an now.

OK, sorry, never heard of it. Doesn't sound or look too much like a Spanish brand, so would be a little careful with it until you find out for-sure where it's from. But otherwise, never heard of a counterfieit of the same label, so best of luck with you!

====== Simon posted before I did, and he's a good guy, ergo....
Had a more thorough look at the pics of the 'absenta Sorel'. It is definetly genuine. I made a mistake in my earlier post regarding it's age. The tax seal is from between 1960/68 and i have never seen a bottle from the 70's in this tint of glass, but i have seen it on bottles from the 60's. So based on that you can safely say that the bottle is from the 60's.

It's a strange scenario to see the classic 'montana' style label on so many absenta brands from the 50's through to the 70's - I'm still trying to find out who made the orginal! I have had a bottle of the original from the 20's, but unfortunately there was no indication on the bottle as to whom made it, other than it was made in Barcelona (Which they all where).
Thanks for the information Simon. The glass is very thick compared to other spanish bottles that I have seen. Also, there is no indication as to where it was made.
I think that it would be very interesting if someone could compile a history of Spanish Absenta.
Now there's an idea, it would make a nice addition
to a reprint of one of the better books on absinthe.
Why don't you write it Eric?
Whew, I don't even remember posting that. Getting drunk and getting on the internet sucks, especially if you end up on e-bay!

If it's any consolation I woke up on the floor Sunday at 6am not more than 3 feet from the computer. Was able to power it down before passing out, however.

Absenta, History in a bottle? I like the sound of that.
Maybe it's already in the works :-)
All the bottles with this kind of label i have seen (Quite a few) have all been produced in Barcelona, so i would say the same goes for your bottle Eric.

It's interesting to note that there was quite a few absinthe destileries in Spain prior to French 1915 ban, which where predominantly based in Barcelona, Valencia and finally Tarragona in later years after Jose M Banus overtook the directive to merge E.Pernod and Pernod Fils under one name (Pernod SA) in 1918. After which dozens of destilers appeared in Tarragona already increasing number of producers within the 'Spanish Bohemia' (I suppose this is similar, but at a smaller scale to the whole 'Belle epoque' period in France) although it obviously never became as popular in Spain as it was in the French hayday.

"It's interesting to note that there was quite a few absinthe destileries in Spain prior to French 1915 ban, which where predominantly based in Barcelona, Valencia..."

Thanks, Simon...I've always wondered whether Pernod post ban was the first Spanish absinthe...apparently not.
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