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Average Score: 56
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Country of Origin: Andorra
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: [Manufacturer] From Mssr. Huguet: In fact my grand father started the absinthe production in 1937 as a result of a demand from the French people where absinthe is still illegal. Actually I 've not change the way of making as it's very successful and easy to made. Our absinthe 68% is actually not distilled, but macerated The rates of thujone is 5.4 mg. / L. Below the until now permitted in the EEC 10 mg. / kg.
Absinthe Huguet at


Reviewed by Alice the absinthe eater 7/29/2007

it's very dark green just like the NS70
very fake looking and the back of the bottle reads as follows

Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Wormwood, Aniseed, Colouring.
(Colouring E-102 E-124 E-131)
it also states that the Anis is from china.
I really hope that the NS is not colored in this way because I drank (for the most part) the whole one liter bottle of NS70

louched right away, much too fast.

kinda muddled green with a bit of yellow and some pure white oily stuff at the top

AROMA 15/30
before water: it's minty with alcohol followed by anis(I think star but it's very faint not as over powering as it is normaly)
after water: Nothing. maybe if you are lucky a tiny bit of anis and mint but almost not even there.

it's actually slighty creamy and nice, I like it.

TASTE 17/20
it's not bad at all
after water: refeashing and minty a tiny bit bitter though but it's not a bad bitter after water

when I first opened it I had a sip of it neat and although the alcohol is too heavy it has a nice flavor if you are not looking for something perfumy. the flavor neat is in one sense very full.

I enjoyed this glass of it, I have to say that if the coloring was fixed and maybe something else was used it would have ranked higher for me.

I would also like to add that this was the same bottle that was used for the other review by Kallisti in 2006

Alice the absinthe eater scores Huguet 56 out of 100

Old tasting notes from the archives:


Huguet, like Sebor, only louches when using ice water or ice cubes, though then it does louche nicely. It is dark green in color, characteristic of its manufacture by maceration. Once properly watered the anise is not too strong and actually almost isn't the dominant flavor, wormwood and mint are not far behind, yet the wormwood is not at all unpleasant. The mint is refreshing. I almost prefer this brand over-watered. Because it is macerated in higher consentrations it can taste acrid and heavy. But when mild it has a lovely subtle flavor. Is reminiscent of the better home macerated varieties.


I visited this factory and Adolf Huguet III told me that his was macerated but Larsand was distilled. Please note: As to thujone content, I was told by my Huguet that although absinthe is legal in Andorra, there is none the less strict regulations about the amount of thujone that is allowed in any consumable and it's quite a low figure. I think that the same would apply to Spain as well, maybe more so because it's a member of the ECC, though I don't know this for a fact. However, it raises question marks to the comments that various Spanish brands being high in thujone. Rather depends on what the definition of high is.

Andorra: Huguet Distillerie
in Andorra ONLY. Minimum Order 20 1 liter bottles (Please contact for further info)

Destil·leries Andorra
Av. Copríncep Francès, 56-58
Encamp - ANDORRE
Tél. : + 376 831 134
Fax : + 376 831 234


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