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Country of Origin: Andorra
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 70 %
Vendors: ♣ Alandia


Label reads 68%, which may be incorrect. Caustic and undistilled. Neat bottle, very old company. I've only had it while traveling, I don't remember whether it louched.

From memory, this is indeed a distilled absinthe, I visited this factory and the one from Huguet. Adolf Huguet III told me that his was ma cerated but Larsand was distilled. I still have this stuff on the shelf here. It's a lovely colour. (Larsand). Please note. As to thujone content, I was told by my Huguet that although absinthe is legal in Andorra, there is none the less strict regulations about the amount of thujone that is allowed in any consumable and it's quite a low figure. I think that the same would apply to Spain as well, maybe more so because it's a member of the ECC, though I don't know this for a fact. However, it raises question marks to the comments that various Spanish brands being high in thujone. Rather depends on what the definition of high is.


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