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Mata Hari

Country of Origin: Austria
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 60 %
Vendors: ♣ , ♣ Alandia , ♣ Spirits Corner


[Ted Breaux]

I procured a bottle of Mata Hari from someone as part of a trade.

This blue-green liquor is packaged in a 50cL clear glass bottle. The labeling exhibits a graphic of a woman in a kimono who is holding two small glasses of absinthe. The front label boldly claims "Original 1881."

Upon removing the screw cap, once senses a strong scent of cut grass, which is reminiscent of the now defunct "Logan 100". In other words, it smells a bit dark and oily. The color is an obviously artificial shade blue-green. Upon tasting the liquor neat, the first flavor is a mildly spicy aromatic sweetness, which is quickly subdued by an oily, slightly vegetable texture with moderate bitterness. Sitting in the glass, the color is very odd. One could call it 'plutonium green'. When cold water is added, the liquor tries to louche, yielding only fairly heavy gradient lines. The flavor is again, a distinct spicy aromatic sweetness up front that quickly yields to a mild, dry bitterness, neither of which are unpleasant or linger very long in the mouth.

In conclusion, while looking decidedly 'Czech', in actuality, this obvious oil mix is not insipid or unpalatable as one might expect. While it isn't exactly like sipping a Belle Epoque style absinthe, I can imagine it actually being a decent base for making relatively stimulating long-drink aperitifs.


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