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Taboo Gold

Average Score: 77
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Country of Origin: Canada
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 60 %


Reviewed by Wolfgang 11/13/2008

It looks natural but strongly colored, maybe a bit too much. It is green with a hint of yellow. Color may improve with aging as it is a very young absinthe. It is not perfectly clear even after standing straight for a few days in the dark so I will have to deduce some more points.

I'm adding about 4 part water to one part absinthe. It does louche evenly and pretty fast. Nothing special there.

I've seen worse but it is still somewhat swampy. Coloration is too strong.

AROMA 24/30
Neat :With such a strong coloration I would expect a nice pontica aroma but all I smell is the dominant alcohol base. This unbalance the drink but I would expect the aroma to mellow and blend after a year or so of aging so I’ll just try to forget this bottle for a while. The alcohol base is exuberant but it still feels good. Actually it leaves me perplex and I'm not sure if I like it or not. Interesting I would say. My intuition is this alcool base is missing another pass through the still.

After louche, no sugar: Adding water will release a sweet and herbal perfume but I would not go as far as calling this "room filling". I can now smell some citrusy notes on top of the fruity alcohol base, probably coming from Melissa.
Putting my nose back to the now empty measuring glass offers a very enjoyable experience. The residue of neat absinthe of the sides of the measuring glass lingers. I can now detect wormwood floating on top of the fruity sweet base. I’ve seen this combination of smells in the past develop into a powdery marvel after aging. This is where Taboo gold wins back a few aroma points.

A bit thin and metallic with water and no sugar. Actually it was much better without water. With sugar it gets much better but it also increases the fruity notes. If you like it, it’s fine. I’m forced to penalise it for my initial impression.

TASTE 15/20
neat : I took a tiny sip neat and let it roll on my tongue. This surprisingly taste good even if a little weird. It is fruity, spicy and herbal. The alcohol base dominate the whole profile but it is not unpleasant.

4:1 water : citrusy. Adding some sugar improves the overall impression. It really tastes fruity in a distracting kind of way. I still gives it a relatively good score because it is really nice when tasted neat, which is extremely rare.

I may end up enjoying this absinthe neat in a tiny cordial glass, something I usually never do. I give it a good score here because I always really like to smell my empty measuring glass after finishing a glass of absinthe. The smell it leaves is rich and very pleasing. I think this is an original absinthe that will improve with age. I’m glad I got a bottle to satisfy my curiosity but I would not buy a case.

Wolfgang scores Taboo Gold 71 out of 100

Reviewed by absinthist 4/6/2009

pleasant, greenish yellow

delicate, gradual, no opacity

whitish, too white for my taste

AROMA 25/30
Unknown, unique, musky, something not common, very inviting

Grassy, melissa together with some uncommon herbs, not spices, no anethole buddies. Light and crisp. Very nice if 100% unusual for an absinthe

TASTE 19/20
Very bitter, strong pontica comes thru, pontica bomb that eats your tongue, lots of complexity. What the fuck is that?

As absinthe it is very idiosyncratic and unsual. Nothing traditional about it. On the other hand, it has great uncommon, rare personality

absinthist scores Taboo Gold 81 out of 100

Reviewed by Wolfgang 2/23/2010

I don't think it was too strongly collored anymore. If the %abv was higher, it would help to keep the color. As it is, it is already turning yellowish.

I'm adding about 4 part water to one part absinthe. It does louche nicely.

A bit too yellow for my own preference. Could be greener.

AROMA 27/30
The aroma did actually mellow and blend after an extra year and a half of aging. The alcohol base is still exuberant but it is not bad, just very upfront.

Putting my nose back to the now empty measuring glass offers a very enjoyable experience. In my first review of this same bottle I wrote: "I've seen this combination of smells in the past develop into a powdery marvel after aging" and this is exactly what's happening. If only the alcool base was not so prominent, it would be an exceptional absinthe.

It could be creamier but it is still acceptable. The more balanced aromas also probably influence it.

TASTE 16/20
4:1 water + sugar : It really still tastes fruity in a distracting kind of way but the wormwood managed to grow through the fruit and is now clearly one of the major player of this absinthe. I first tasted it without sugar but the wormwood (and pontica) are strong enough to justify a sugar cube.The melissa slipped somewhat behind, which is a good thing and make the drink a little bit less citrussy.

Re-tasted after over a year of aging.My overall impression remains the same but not for the same reason. I now offer an 8 less for originality and more for actual product quality that only age can truely let shine.

Wolfgang scores Taboo Gold 79 out of 100


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