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Prague Absinth

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 70 %

Description: From the Distributor: PRAGUE ABSINTH IS 70% ABV AND COMES IN 3 SIZES. 700ML. 500ML. AND 50ML. BOTTLES. U.K.: Imported by Aristolend Ltd. Tel: 0181 944 0660



Prague Absinth is a very pale green with a slight blue-ish tint, though not nearly as blue as Hills. First whiff is mildly anise, with none of the high alcohol fumes hitting your nostrils, and first taste bares this out, it is difficult to believe that it is 70%. Again, the flavor is mildly of anise and not much else, baring up a little flat in the herbal department. It does not louche when water is added. As the distributor mentions below, it is U.K. compliant, and therefore will contain 10mg thujone or less.


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