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Staroplzenecky Absinth - Red

Average Score: 7
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Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 60 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: [From Alandia] Staro Red is another blood red absinthe. His recipe is anise free, typical for a Czech product. Nice fresh taste and a beautiful Art Deco bottle.
Staroplzenecky Absinth – Red at


Reviewed by sixela 10/9/2006

Ghastly red. Minus 2 because once you finally decide to sink it, the colour is incredibly hard to remove from whatever it touches - they should sell these bottles as red dye. Don't let it come in contact with any Tupperware plastic or similar material unless you want to make it red (forever).

Zilch, nada, zip.

So much artificial colouring that no addition of water seems to make it less red (and transparent. Not a hint of cloudiness to be seen.

AROMA 5/30
Smells of liquorice root and a bit of capsicum (bell pepper).

Alcohol bite. No creaminess whatoever. Unless you dilute with so much water that the mouthfeel is that of, well, water.

TASTE 3/20
Not as nauseating as Staroplzenecky Green, it almost tastes like really bad pastis - except that what should be an anise taste is a very monoaromatic and flat liquorice taste (for lack of a better word - liquorice candy tastes better). As such, even though it's not nauseating, it's still ahrd to finish a glass.

Again, absolutely nothing herbal about the taste. Apart from that one taste, you're staring into the abyss.

I suppose it's meant for mixing, because it really is spectacularly uninteresting on its own.

I'll give it a one because if you do mix it with something else, it might actually not render the mixed drink instantly undrinkable - which cannot be said of its green cousin.

Sixela scores Staroplzenecky Red 7 of 100


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