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Staroplzenecky Absinth - green

Average Score: 8
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Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 70 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: From the UK Distributor: ALSO AVAILABLE IN NIFTY COLLECTORS BOTTLE! Strong alcoholic liqueur made with herbal extracts, the main herb being wormwood. An emerald green drink with a distinctive taste. Manufactured according to the original French recipe with 70% alc. vol. and a production method that has been improved in excess of today's required standards. All the essential ingredients are carefully selected and processed to ensure the unique taste of Absinthe. Expressive taste and characteristic cloudy effect make this drink one of the best Absinthes on today's market. Contains 9mg/kg of thujone. A genuine product with the original Czech label.
Staroplzenecky Absinth – Green at


Reviewed by sixela 10/9/2006

Very light green to transparent (depending on the bottle - these days, it's green again). Nothing natural about the colour when it's green - the usual yellow and blue artificial colouring agents.


Only the barest trace of louche - if you're prepared to call a mere hint of cloudiness that.

Doesn't change at all.

AROMA 5/30
Alcohol, alcohol, a bit of liquorice and coriander, and a very unpleasant campherous aroma.


Alcohol bite. No creaminess whatoever. Unless you dilute with so much water that the mouthfeel is that of, well, water - which usually still isn't enough to rid it of its taste.

TASTE -2/20
Really hard to swallow - the campherous smell is also present in the taste. No anise to be tasted anywhere, no wormwood. To be honest, there is lots of something that could be fennel, but then fennel with an extra dose of fenchone, plus an overwhelming bitterness at the end; you'd almost think they dumped lots of Indian fennel in the drink. The campherous and bitter taste also lingers in the mouth for ages after you've drank this - not even a glass of milk can rid you of it.

The only redeeming thing is the taste of coriander - lots of it - but nothing can save this.

I have to give negative marks to something you wish you didn't try a couple of minutes after you did.


Only a couple of brands manage to be more vile than this, but it's at the bottom of the abyss anyway. Hill's, tasting like cough syrup on steroids, is Ambrosia compared to this.

Sixela scores Staroplzenecky Green 8 of 100

Older reviews:

Recently spotted in the Czech Republic, manufactured by a small liqueur company called L'OR Speciality Drinks. They have recently got rid of the Hill's-esque artificial colours and have a high thujone content of around 10 mg/kg as well, in 70% alcohol. Tastes very caustic, but it also contains coriander and after a couple of drinks I was staring at my wall paper. It comes in a tall slender bottle with an attractive label fired on the bottle, cork top covered with wax. Colour is weak, alcohol tastes industrial, not very tasty but contains thujone and other sedative herbs.


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