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Trul Absinthium 1792

Average Score: 41
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Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 70 %
Vendors: ♣

Description: From a vendor: As czech absinthe usually contain less to no anise (licorice) the TRUL 1792 Absinthium is an exception as it contains a nice amount of anise which results in an beautifull louche when mixed with cold water. Even if the TRUL 1792 is not distilled its much better than other czech brands and due to its moderate price and good absinth for beginners and of course an cheap alternative to many other more expensive brands from france.
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Reviewed by Donniej 19/1/2007

It's blue... like Mouthwash!?!?

The louche is very nice. It builds up from the bottom, slightly turbulent and it gets nice and thick. It's thick at 2:1 and the top band is gone at 3:1.

It's very thick and white but the blue tint is still there. If it weren't for the horrid blue colour I would have given more points...

AROMA 13/30
Before water it smells of anise with a touch of rubbing alcohol. Not offensive but compared to a real absinthe it's not good at all. No complexity what-so-ever.
After water it has no smell of alchol and smells quite nice. The smell is nicer than simply anise but I don't know what else is there. There's nothing floral like a jade or a real absinthe though...

Very thin, very. No bites from any of the ingredients though. No tongue numbing either.

TASTE 7/20
There *must* be a little sugar added. No excessive bitterness. The taste of anise is strong and there's something else there too, it's pleasent but nothing to write home about. Nothing floral, tastes like a pastis.

My biggest problem is the colour. I like that it's a little sweet though I still prefer 1 sugar cube. I've only tried 2 Czech brands (this one and Logan Fils) and there is no comparison. I'll surely drink the rest of the bottle but wouldn't ever buy it again.

Donniej scores "Trul Absinthium 1792" 41 out of 100


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