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Krut's Karport

Average Score: 47
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Country of Origin: Denmark
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 70 %


Website: (danish only)


Reviewed by Hartsmar 8/30/2005

Very very very green. More so than Mari Mayans! On the bottle is stated no less than three artificial color additives.

Nothing spectacular. It louches.

Still very green. In a way, a nice color but clearly artificial.

AROMA 15/30
It's not all bad before adding water. It has a special butter caramel thing going on. It needs some complexity but I've had a lot worse.

Mediocre. A little harsh. Nothing to write home about.

TASTE 9/20
Very licorice. It takes over most anything. It's probably to the liking of pastis fanatics but not as an absinthe. It's drinkable though.

It's half good - or half bad.

TOTAL 47/100
Note: It does deserve some credit for being here for so long, and still going.

Hartsmar scores Kruts Karport 47 out of 100.


It's come up here a few times, but to reiterate, there's a popular cafe in Denmark called Krut's Karport that produces their own absinthe. I came across the page for Krut's on the Danish Cafe Guide. It mentions the absinthe and it features a handsome photo of Charles Mingus to boot:

I'd love to get a detailed review of their absinthe, but if you're ever in Denmark it seems like a lovely place to stop for a drink.

[Ted Breaux]

Thanks to a member of this BB, I was able to obtain a bottle of Krut's Karport Absinth for review.

I just read Luger's review which is posted in the buyer's guide, and I wish I had something significant to add to it, but he pretty much hit the nail on the head with his description. The liqueur is such a vibrant, artificial green that it just may qualify as 're-animator juice'. As for flavor, I find the taste to be almost entirely star anise (a la Mari Mayans), and would be virtually indistinguishable from MM aside from a faint flavor of what appears to be fennel. If anything, the flavor is just slightly more pointed than MM, and it louches pretty well.

I think the name Krut's 'Karport' is rather fitting, as the chintzy computer-generated label makes it look like it came from a 'karport' (read 'carport'). If this product is priced highly as is mentioned in the current review, they are making one heck of a profit. It appears to be completely macerated to me. Nevertheless, it's just another funky exhibit for the absinthe-related oddities shelf.


Kruts Karport is located some 30 minutes walk from the harbor. The inside of the cafe´ is not very remarkable except for one thing. The first thing you see is a big poster with "Absinth" on it, and as soon as you turn your eyes to the left you see the counter with *lots* of Absinth bottles in view! I quickly recognized the artificial color, and decided that I would bring only one bottle home. It costed IIRC 700 Danish Crowns, which is outrageous.

The bottle has a nice shape, with a tincap with the Danish "Toll" ( costom ) seal on it. The glass is uncolored, and dark glass is hardly necessary since the coloring looks like Hills. On a little backlabel it says: Tilsat: Aroma Farve: E 102 E 133 og E 142. Translated to english it means: Additions: Arome Color: E 102 E 133 and E 142. These "E" numbers are standard EU codes for foodaddatives.

The frontlabel says "Absinth" with a drawing of a man in a hat sitting by a table drinking Absinthe, and in the background a waitress (with long skirt damn!) It also says: 70cl 68% Kruts Karport, and handwritten "1999 flaske nr 1430", which says something about the annual production (This one was bought last summer). *very small* it also says: 10 no. It could mean the number of years that Krut´s has sold Absinthe, but that is just a guess.

Yes it contains wormwood, so it can be called absinthe, but if you are looking for some "effects" you better look elsewhere. It doesn´t louche at all at room temperature, but if you put it in the freezer there is a slight tendency. It tastes of wormwood anis and licorique. Good taste but there is no reason to compare it to the spanish absinthes. Some people would not call it absinthe at all. Look at it this way: My Deva bottle is almost empty. My KrutsKarport is 2/3 full, but my Neto Costa is almost full ( If that one is absinthe, then Kruts Karport surely is! ). To make it short: It fits in a Absinithe collection, but there is no reason to travel across half the world just for the taste. If you happen to be close to Copenhagen, go for it.

When you look at this non-classical bottle, with the non-classical contents, you have to remember that Kruts Karport has sold these bottles for many years. Long before this absinthe bandwagon started to roll. When they started to sell it no one knew anything about absinthe. It tastes good enough to make you finish the glass you have ordered. It is 68% and it is green. That was good enough for many years. The situation is a bit different now :-) Some rumors say that it actually is made in Portugal for Kruts Karport, but I can´t say if that is true. No they do *not* sell this at any other place than at the cafe´ and they don´t ship it to you. You have to go there yourself.


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