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Absinthe Sauvage 1804

Average Score: 91
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Country of Origin: France
Type: Distilled
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣ Emile Pernot

Description: According to Emile Pernot: Sauvage is the French word for wild or uncultivated. The wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) we have used in the distillation of the Sauvage is entirely harvested from wild-grown wormwood, as found in the Jura mountains since time immemorial and celebrated for centuries for the richness and unique perfume of its essential oil."


Reviewed by sbmac 8/12/2011

A clear and natural light peridot with a touch more yellow than I'm used to from Pernot, perhaps this is due to the absinthe's aging.

A slow and steady louche forms with light smoke and clouds. Not as dramatic as some, but it was pleasant to watch, and had a clear layer above, right to the end.

The final color is an attractive blend of greens, whites and copper at the edges. The louche is a bit on the thinner side, but not overly so. A steady drip or very fine stream is needed to bring the louche out to the fullest it can be.

AROMA 30/30
The aroma neat is delicious and promising. It's clean, crisp, and warm. The presence of the wormwood is powerful, and light florals and herbals peek out. As water is added, the aroma blossoms and fills the room with alpine floral elements.

A rich and smooth mouth-feel, without being overly thick.

TASTE 20/20
A delicious and well-conceived absinthe. The wormwood is crisp and aliveā€¦there is a feral quality to this absinthe. Layers of flavor are present from a wonderful balance of wormwood, anise and fennel mixed with light spice and florals. Everything works together well. There is a delicate bitterness I enjoy, perhaps from the wild wormwood; though I don't often use sugar, half a cube really brought out the magic for me. The base is warm and sophisticated.

One of my favorite commercial absinthes, for certain. A worthy project, and an homage to wormwood.

The finish is wonderful. It builds slowly, with a pleasant tingle on the tongue and roof of the mouth. It lingers well, and is layered with spice, florals and citrus.

Sampled at 3:1 and 4:1 with and without sugar. I've settled on 3.5:1 with 1/2 a sugar cube as my favorite for this absinthe.

sbmac scores Sauvage 91 out of 100


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