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Alandia Gold 68

Average Score: 19
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Country of Origin: Germany
Type: Mixed & Macerated
Alcohol Level: 68 %
Vendors: ♣ Alandia

Description: From the manufacturer: ALANDIAs Gold68 uses maximum wormwood for the strongest thujon concentration, but skips anise to avoid a dominating licorice taste. Moreover stimulating citrus notes are present, which give this Absinthe besides its natural bitterness a pleasant body, though very effective for a real experience. If you are looking for the perfect, non licorice Absinthe effect, this is your choice. No artificial additives are used and the alcohol level is set at classic 68%.


Reviewed by jmark 1/18/2007

As per its name, the Gold 68 is a clear, bright gold, with hints of olive green. There is nothing so bright about it that it would seem unnatural. No detectable sediment or haze.

With the first drops of water, I see oily tendrils coursing thru the Gold 68. This phenomenon builds a bit to a slightly opalescent dinginess (imagine you just finished drinking coffee or tea from a waterglass and the waiter refilled it with drinking water). If you like the louche, this absinthe has absolutely nothing for you. I give it a point for the pretty, oily swirls.

The final appr. 3-1 mixture is completely translucent (I could easily read text thru it), which I understand is because it has no anise. This is a profoundly unappealing mixture to look at, a pearlescent dishwater. It gets a point for having achieved a haze.

AROMA 5/30
Before water: the aroma is medicinal and sharply alcoholic. It smells almost identical to Nyquil, with liquorice being the overriding aroma. Harsh and unpleasant.

After water: The alcohol tones have been tamed, but it just smells like a very diluted Nyquil. The before-water aroma is almost gone and no new tones have come to the fore.

I will give it a few points for having a smell.

Oily and sharp. No creaminess, no roundness, nothing that my tongue enjoys. Like water with a hint of motor-oil. Horrible.

TASTE 2/20
The bitterness of what is likely oil of wormwood has a mean, medicinal edge, and the aftertaste just gets darker and funkier. It lingers at the back of the tongue like coffee that spent all day on the burner. Yeesh! I have a hard time giving points for this, as it subtracts from my quality-of-life.

Man! Can I get away with this low of a score? This was really unpleasant. The sensation from the drink was significant, but mean, like a hit from a resin scraping. I'll give it a point for a significant buzz, but get it away from me!

Anybody have suggestions for getting this taste out of my mouth as quickly as possible?

jmark scores Alandia Gold 68 19 out of 100


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