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Pere Kermann

Average Score: 12
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Alcohol Level: 60 %

Description: The Distiller has clarified that this brand does indeed contain a. absinthium. - kallisti


Reviewed by Hartsmar 10/26/2006

Pathetically light blue with just a minor hint of green.

No louche at all.

This looks like public swimming pool water. Seriously.

AROMA 6/30
Before water there's a heavy alcohol and minty chewing gum thing going on with a weird dirty scent of anise extracts. After adding water the only thing that happens is that it turns even more chewing gum like.

Very dry yet terribly oily at the same time. Truly nasty!

TASTE 3/20
I only give this three points because I've actually had worse. Its taste is mainly that of chemicals.

Another one of those blueish pointless shooter-absinthes. Why?

Hartsmar scores Père Kermann 12 out of 100

Older reviews:


This has recently become available in London shops and bars. The label says "Made in France" and the product is a Hill'ss green in colour and does not louche, neither does it taste much of anise.


Ok. But, I just received this correspondance from the exporter of Pere Kermann (mind you I've never heard of this stuff before, nor ever seen a bottle) in Paris:

Dear _____________,

I am Paul Kerlogot, director of Bretagne Export Co. Thank you for your request. About ABSINTHE, This premium Extrait de Absinthe et Plantes is made in France. It is fabricated according to ancien French recipes.

Purchase ABSINTHE "Pere Kermann's 60° bottle 70 cl 600 bottles by pallet. 1.82 euro by bottle for un order min of 22 pallets (one 40 ft FCL container with pallet)

best regards

Paul Kerlogot

[Ted Breaux]

This liqueur comes in a clear 700mL bottle, and is labeled as 60% (120 proof). The label has a picture of a distinguished monk-like character, who has written in an open book the following: My absinthe is a tonic and digestive (translated). The label sports the curious phrase "spiriteux aux extraits de plantes d'absinthe". Also appearing on the label is the inscription, "With a healthy morals and a rational hygiene the man dies only of old age" (translated).

The liqueur itself is a pale green, is artificially colored like everything else around today, and offers only a synthetic candy-like aroma, much like Absinthe Trenet. When cold water is added, there is no louche. The flavor consists of the mild synthetic 'candy' flavor, which is not anise, followed by a certain bitterness and the sharp flavor of the alcohol. One thing I can say is that Absinthe Trenet, Absenta Tunel, Hapsburg, Neto Costa, and Pere Kermann all seem to fit into a niche of sorts, which fills the vast limbo between the Czech and Spanish products. If you take Hill's, which has virtually no flavor or substance, and add a little star anise, or this synthetic candy-like flavor, and/or perhaps a touch of absinthe extract, you could arrive at any of the beforementioned products. While none possess an objectional flavor (unlike some Czech brands), they do not offer much in the way of substance. Unlike the Spanish brands, you just don't get much in the way of flavor for the money. Quite honestly, these products seem to be geared more toward just getting drunk than enjoying what you are drinking. The profit margin in these products must be astronomical.


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